Saturday, June 27, 2015


In the next update, the library will become available. As most of the school's focus is on the dungeon, the library is usually empty. Except of course for the occasional bookworm like Julia.

Julia is an intelligent girl, and generally dislikes putting herself into harm's way when it isn't necessary. With the school's focus on dungeon exploration to pass, she has begun scheming to find a way to graduate without stepping foot beyond the first floor with all the other students.

You can choose to help her with her plans, or you could always use the privacy of the library to bring her under your control and put her mind to better use...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

0.13 is pretty much stable.

It's been a few days since the public release of 0.13, and I believe I've got most of the bugs worked out, finally. Still have a couple left to clean up but I'm getting there. There's something about a ton of people playing a game that manages to get all the bugs to show up that play testing as one person just doesn't seem to match. This release was buggier than normal; what with having introduced probably around half a dozen spells between the main characters and the monsters, a persistent status ailment and buff system, building new mechanics to manage dungeon exploration, and having to almost entirely re-write the way battle works due to a few overlooked details and trying to plan for the future to avoid having to manually re-write bits scattered throughout the code for each new battle. Lot of places for things to break. The last two days before release I wasn't even programming anything new anymore. I was just fixing bugs. While I did keep an eye out and fixed most of the reported bugs within an hour or two of them being reported, I think the most embarrassing thing was that not once, but twice I ended up forgetting to change the default values on a few stats for Sarah back to normal after testing something that required her to be a slave at the time, leading to her automatically being enslaved in new games. With the core mechanics mostly worked out now though, hopefully future updates will have more content in them. Probably won't be able to get a new update within this month, as I spent a good third of the month with the game 'frozen' for bug fixes, but I am working on getting used to an increased workload with the next Patreon milestone getting closer. Just 11 dollars to go until we reach the milestone where I will be doing one new update every month.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Adventure High 0.13 now available

I just finished uploading the next version and making sure it works properly. Your old save files should carry over to this new version. Though apparently there was a bug with the first battle which caused it to award much more than 100 EXP. I can't correct for that though since it would already have happened in the save. So, I guess if you are starting from a save file you'll have to suffer through being extra powerful. On fresh play throughs the bug has been fixed though. You can get to the game by clicking on Play Now on the sidebar to the right.