Friday, August 7, 2015

Return of the Revenge of the Rise of the Bride of NSFW Content

So, some of you probably noticed after the last update that going to my blog once again gives that NSFW content warning. I included in the last update the first small bit of NSFW content in the game so far.

There will, however, be a lot more coming soon. Previous updates have been focused on introducing a new character, and then a couple scenes involving them and maybe another scene or two beyond that. Mostly, this is because creating a new character takes a lot more time than working with a character that is already designed.

This next update will focus instead on our existing cast. Each character will have several new scenes depending on how you have treated them, and if you decided to enslave them or not. New classes will be available, the dungeon will be even deeper than before, and the biggest addition will be getting to play with your conquests.

Here is a sample of the artwork from the scenes you will see when you play with Val, close to the resolution I intend to include in the game. Though, they may end up being cropped.

A much larger resolution version of all the images from the new scenes will be available to $3.00+ Patrons at the release of the game; and the full resolution version of this piece, and a couple of the new enemies are already available to $5.00+ Patrons. The full resolution image is roughly twice the size that you will get you expand this sample image to full size.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Adventure High V0.14 Now Released

Adventure High v0.14 is out now. You can play it by clicking Play Now on the side bar.