Monday, July 27, 2015

Adventure High 0.14 coming August 3rd

The Patron release of V 0.14 has already started. The public release will be on August 3rd.

New content for 0.14:

There is a new enslavable student character, Julia. She has a plan to graduate without stepping foot past the first floor of the dungeon, and she wants your help. You can choose to help her, or enslave her, though she could be useful to you either way.

Julia's new content includes her introduction and potential enslavement. If you choose to enslave her, she will become a playable party member, and give you access to her personality change sequences.

Sarah and Ms. Rack both have new conversations they may have with you, if you have met the right conditions.

You will be able to manage your party members from your bedroom by pressing Enter.