Sunday, February 10, 2019

Adventure High Porting Update 1

Thought I'd write a blog post about this to let everyone know what's going on with Adventure High who are not a part of my patreon. It is still in development. It's size though has reached a point where I can't get stencyl to compile it.

So, in order to keep developing the game, I am porting it into Unity. I've hired someone to help me with the port, and so far they've done a fair bit of work on the conversation interface and are starting on some of the RPG mechanics at the moment.

It may be a few months before the port is ready, but once it is, I will have Adventure High back to monthly updates. In the meantime, I'm doing monthly updates on Spiral Clicker instead, so that there is no delay on getting regular new content.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Hopefully the port goes smoothly, and if we're extra lucky, maybe unity will make it possible to fix some of the weird issues the game has that I had not been able to solve due to the limitations of stencyl's engine.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Spiral Clicker 0.04 Update List

Spiral Clicker 0.04 is up for $1.00 patrons and will be available for free on the 20th. Until the port is finished for AH, Spiral Clicker is going to be on the schedule AH usually is on. Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- Janis added to game. (Reach lvl 100 with Crystal to unlock her) - 5 CGs added for Janis
- 5 CGs added for Janis.
- Cassie added to the game.
- 5 CGs added for Cassie.
- 10 pearls by default are now gained at total lvl 1000, with 1 extra pearl per 100 levels above that.
- Each summon costs 5 pearls, and cost grows by 5 each summon.
- Unlocking the Library now costs 5 pearls.
- Formulas rebalanced for willpower generation and upgrade cost.
- Upgrades Shop added to College Campus. (Not microtransactions; upgrades via pearls earned in-game)
- 3 upgrades, with 2 tiers each added to Upgrades Shop.
- 3 scenes added for Tammy.
- 4 scenes added for Amber.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Spiral Clicker 0.03 update list

Spiral Clicker 0.03 is finished and available for $1.00 patrons now. Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- 1 CG added for Crystal
- 11 Convos for Crystal Added.
- 3 CGs added for Princess Dianne
- 3 CGs added for DH
- 10 Convos added for DH
- Sophia can now be summoned.
- 5 CGs added for Sophia.
- Aiko can now be summoned.
- 5 CGs for Aiko Added.
- Level up system changed to be less tedius.
- Willpower Generation buffed for a few characters.
- Pearls now require levels exclusively.
- Mindbreak UI re-arranged.
- Pendulum and Invisible Spiral now available in Mindbreaks.
- Pendulum now awards willpower or damage based on well timed clicks, rather than rapid ones.
- Girls now generate willpower on a timer, rather than constantly.
- Offline Willpower Generation now restricted to 1 hour of generation, to avoid game-breaking amounts of willpower generated while not playing. (Being able to increase this with upgrades is planned)
- Buttons now visually react to being pressed.
- Added button to go to a girl's profile page.
- Clicking on a girl gives a boost to their willpower generation speed.
- Added button to upgrade girls from main screen.
- Button added to profiles to set a girl as your favorite.
- Button added to main screen to switch between your favorite and the list of girls.
- School grounds map added. (accessible after first summoning)
- Library added to school grounds.
- Time Attack mode added (In library)
- Profile pages for all characters updated.
- New buttons added to Hypno Settings

Monday, December 17, 2018

Adventure High 0.54 update list.

Adventure High 0.54 is finished and out for patrons now. The public release will be on the 20th, and will include:

- 4 scenes added to Monster Girls plotline.
- 1 scene for Kate's charming added.
- 1 scene for Julia submissive plotline added.
- Cassandra can be targeted by the Possess spell.
- 2 scenes added for Cassandra's possession, with CGs by Caveman Doodles.
- 1 scene added to Rescue Girl Plotline. (In dungeon)
- 1 scene added to Rescue Girl plotline.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Adventure High 0.53 updates

Adventure High 0.53 is finished and out for patrons now. Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- Alternate sequence added for Flirt Spell in first private lesson with Jane on Enslavement Route.
- 1 scene added to Julia Domme plotline.
- 1 scene added to Julia Arsenal plotline.
- 1 scene added to Hospital Harem plotline.
- 1 convo with Ashley added.
- Transform spell can be cast on Sarah on the streets from the main menu.
- 1 scene added to Molly's Fired plot.
- 1 date added for Jane.
- 1 scene added to Ms. Rack's lover plot.
- Rescue Girl appears in the dungeon once when total party HP drops below 20%
- Reese now has a male mindless form.
- Special play scene with Mindless Reese and Derrick in male forms added.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Adventure High 0.52 updates

Adventure High 0.52 is finished and available for $1.00 patrons. Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- 3 scenes added to Julia's Arsenal Plotline.
- 1 spell added for Julia.
- Julia can learn to randomly chase monsters away with insults.
- Cassandra now causes strange effects when using liquid life potions.
- Bear Claw in the submissive version of Sarah's home plot is now beatable using Cassandra's potions.
- Victoria's Library scenes added.
- 2 spells added for Val
- 2 spells added for Molly
- 1 floor added to the dungeon
- 2 scenes added for Julia on the new dungeon floor.
- 1 spell for Ashley added.
- One scene added to Ms. Rack's romance plotline.
- Sigil added to Floor 20
- Notes added to Floor 20
- Drape's 3rd Secret Class added.
- Jane's 3rd Secret Class added.
- Ms. Rack's 3rd secret class, and bimbo alternate class added.
- Dr. Tiff's 3rd secret class added.
- 1 scene added for Cassandra and Sarah's plotline.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Adventure High 0.51 updates

Adventure High 0.51 is up now for patrons. Here's what's in this update:

- 1 scene added to ng+'s Wild Bimbos plotline.
- 3 Floors added to dungeon.
- 3 new monsters added.
- 1 scene for Victoria added to enslavement route.
- Victoria Booked scene added.
- Faculty Control Route Ending Added.
- 2 spell added for Dan/Rosa.
- 1 spell added for Sarah.
- 1 scene added for Cassandra's submissive plotline (with Sarah).
- 1 scene added for Sarah's romance plotline.
- 1 spell outcome added to Sarah's library scene.