Sunday, November 3, 2019

Adventure High 0.57 is coming up

The new version of Adventure High is finished and available now for patrons. The public release will be next week. Here's what's coming up in this version:

- 2 scenes added for Succubus Molly plotline.
- 6 girls added to Alternate feeding for Molly.
- 2 scenes added for Monster Fun Plotline.
- 4 monsters added to Ranch.
- 1 scene for Broken Molly plotline added.
- 1 scene for Molly Willing Slave plotline added.
- 1 scene added for Angie.
- 1 scene added for Angie Booked plotline.
- 1 slave chatter added.
- Rubber Naga, Flower Girl, Slime Girl, and Aquatic girl sprites updated.
- Boss theme music added to Monster Girls plotline, during Ashley Duel.
- 1 scene added for Ashley Romance plotline.
- 2 scenes added for Julia being possessed.
- 1 scene added for Ashley being possessed.
- Rosa now able to do the Bimbos Gone Wild plotline.
- 3 scenes added to Dolly/Rosa plotline

Friday, August 2, 2019

Adventure High 0.56 on it's way

It's been a busy couple of days so I'm a bit late posting this. Adventure High 0.56 is wrapped up now and will be coming on the 7th. If you'd like to check out everything that's new right away, the game is available for 1 dollar patrons now.

In the meantime, here's what's new to look forward to in the next release:

- Possession scene added for Ashley.
- 9 release scenes added to Redemption route.
- 1 scene added for Ashley's training plotline.
- 1 scene added for Brittany's Rescue plotline.
- 1 scene added for Domme Julia plotline.
- 2 scenes added for Jane's Extra Credit plotline.
- 1 scene added for Willing Slave Val, Transformation make-out.
- 2 scenes added to Molly's Romance plotline.
- 3 scenes added to Corrupt Cassandra plotline for Dan.
- 2 scenes added to Frost Queen Slave plotline.
- 1 scene added to Val's Transformation romance plotline.
- 2 scenes added for casting Transform on Ashley.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Merch Store is up

So, a couple days ago, people were talking in the discord about how they wanted merch; and so I started looking into options for that. I'm not sure if I found the best option, but I did find one that seems easy enough to use that it wouldn't disrupt my work flow.

I have a few scenes from Adventure High, and a couple characters from Spiral Clicker set up as prints, to be put on various objects from notebooks, to coffee mugs, to phone covers. If only they offered body pillows as an option...

If you'd like to recommend any scenes or characters you'd like me to work on adding, feel free to comment below. Outright sex scenes are probably a no-go but some nudity seems to be fine.

You can check out the merch store on the sidebar, or by clicking right here:

Friday, July 12, 2019

Spiral Clicker 0.10 Update List

I've just finished Spiral Clicker 0.10, and have a fair bit of new content added to this version. If you'd like to see the new content early, supporting me on patreon or subscribestar gets you early access to new updates, and other bonuses and helps me afford to keep working on these games.

Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- Elkantar Summon added
- 5 CGs for Elkantar added.
- 1 titnosis induction added.
- 3 CGs for Kathrine added.
- 2 scenes for Nanshe added.
- Hypnotan Summon added.
- 5 CGs for Hypnotan added.
- UI for Campus Conquest updated.
- Red added to Kingdom Conquest
- 4 scenes added for Red
- 2 challenges added for Red
- Nanshe Summon added.
- 5 CGs for Nanshe added.
- Balance changes made to Elf Kingdom to shorten wait times.
- Failing duels in Elf Kingdom now lets you skip straight to the duel.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Adventure High 0.55 Public Release

The public release of Adventure High is up now, so if you want to give it a go you can here:

Patreon is cracking down on hypnosis and transformation content lately; which is distressing considering AH is my main project and it's primary themes are hypnosis and transformation.With my income being a bit uncertain, I could use support more than ever right now.

I have a subscribestar campaign up, so you can pledge to that; or you can pledge to my patreon while it is still up. Though, I don't know how long it will be.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Adventure High 0.55 Coming on the 29th

So, with the game now compiling, I figure many people have been waiting quite a while for new content so I'm wrapping up the update where it is as of the new scenes I've added today so I can release it next week. It's not the largest update I've had, but it actually isn't the smallest either. I'll be continuing to work on more new content for 0.56 right away as well.

Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- 1 Scene added to Julia Domme plot.
- 1 scene added for Transforming into Val.
- 2 scenes added to Kate's Resisted Charm plotline.
- 6 scenes added for Bimbos gone Wild plotline.
- 4 play scenes for Kate added.
- 1 scene added for the player Transformed into Sarah.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Adventure High News

Hello everyone. I have some more news for Adventure High today, and good news at that. I ordered some new memory cards to increase my computer's RAM capasity; which was a bit expensive and did not actually fix the problem. Buuut it did allow me to definitively check off "Not my computer running out of memory" from the list of possibilities, and I posted a new thread on Stencyl's forum.

One of the developers of stencyl looked into the issue, and it seems that the 32 bit Haxe they use is the source of the issue, and he instructed me to download the 64 bit haxe, and where/how to replace the 32 bit files.

After doing that, I attempted to compile the game... and it worked! With any luck, it will continue to work. So, the plan currently is that I am going to be finishing up Spiral Clicker's update over the next several days, and then I will get started working on adding new content to the live version of Adventure High.

I am unable to compile to exe due to a new error, but I have asked about it and hopefully they will look into what the new error is so that I can get exe export working correctly soon.