Friday, October 30, 2015

Cassandra's three forms

So, after some more tinkering, I've got the three forms for Cassandra's cow form finished. There will be a dialogue option prior to her taking the form where you can choose exactly how cow-like you want her to be. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

0.16 Walkthrough

So, I've had a couple requests for a walk through. The game can be fairly non-linear at points, and some events are entirely independent of others, so it is fairly difficult to really make a walkthrough to cover everything. I am going to try my best to cover the paths that you can end up locking yourself out of though. There will be a lot of spoilers ahead.

Do note that this walkthrough is for 0.16, and may not be complete for later versions.

Heroic Plotline: 

This plotline is revolves around the Main Character attempting to use their powers for good. As you are not drawing attention to yourself by building a Harem, Mr. Drape will begin his plan to turn the school's student body into his idea of perfect students, starting with your friend, Val.

To get on this plot line, you will need to avoid making any character your slave. This does not mean you cannot use your magic on other students, strictly speaking, but you will need to avoid outright enslaving anyone.

In the tutorial, most of your choices just influence Val's opinion of you. The major decisions you need to watch out for are after obtaining your magic; you can choose to test your magic on her, or on a monster. Using your magic on Val will subsequently lead to a choice on whether or not to keep her under your control. Choosing to keep her will lock you out of this plot line!

Once you return from the Dungeon, you will be free to roam the school and trigger most scenes in any order. You should visit the Mr. Drape's room to get Sarah to join your party, and Jane's room to get permission to enter the dungeon. You can enter Dr. Tiff's room at any time, but you might as well do it now to get it out of the way for later.

If you talk to Val in the hallway, you have a chance to enslave her, but that will lock you out of the plotline. Trying to enslave her, and failing will instead have Val leave your party but will not lock you out.

The next major plot point of this plot line starts when you have reached the Fourth Floor of the dungeon. At this point, a new conversation with Val will become available. She is now dressed almost exactly like Mr. Drape, and insists that it was her idea. The next conversation takes place in Dr. Tiff's room, where you can report Val's condition to her.

Jane will then meet you in the hallway outside of Dr. Tiff's room appearing to know a little too much about Val's condition. She offers to help, and will wait for you in her room. After accepting Jane's offer, you will need to make sure Sarah is in your active party, and visit Val in Dr. Tiff's room in order to enter Val's mind.

The first floor of Val's mind is meant to vaguely resemble a roller skating rink, and is populated by sentient Roller Blades. Find the pulsating Sigil to go to the next floor. The second floor vaguely resembles a diner, and if you attempted and failed to enslave Val a new enemy resembling a broken heart will appear in battles now. Find the pulsating Sigil to reach the inner-most part of Val's mind and fight the boss guarding it.

Once you have defeated the boss, you will be instructed to cast a long-lasting spell in order to bind Val's soul to your magic, and prevent Mr. Drape's magic from being able to bind to her again. You have several choices at this point:

Suppression: This will enslave Val, and result in your path changing from the Heroic path to the Tempted Hero path. (No scenes have been made for this path yet)

Confusion: This will permanently bimbofy Val. She will not count as your slave, so you can continue the heroic path if you cast this spell.

Grapple: This will permanently turn Val into her Goth personality, and give her a sudden, new interest in bondage. She will not count as your slave, so you can continue the heroic path if you cast this spell. (Discovered a bug with this spell after already starting on the next update. It will work properly in 0.17)

Charm: This will amplify Val's feelings for the main character, and make her permanently in love with your character, regardless of your other romantic interests. She will not count as your slave here either, so you can continue the heroic path if you cast this spell.

Boost: Boost can improve the body in any way, which the main character normally uses for healing. If used here, you will make an imperceivable change to Val's body in order to bind her soul without side-effects.

Once you have left Val's mind, you need to enter Dr. Tiff's room one more time to check Val out from her care. You can put Val back into your party in your room after this scene concludes, and this is the end of the heroic path for now.

Faculty Control Path:

The first thing you need for this path is to enslave Val. You can do this by choosing to test your magic on her, continue casting on her after she warns you to stop, and then keeping her. Alternatively, you can enslave her when she talks to you at the school by casting Confusion, then Suppression on her.

If you enslave Sarah prior to reaching the first note, you can also Enslave Val by having Sarah in her "Eager to Please" form when you touch the note. In the cutscene that follows, you can cast Confusion, then Suppression on her to break her will.

Go into the dungeon, and explore a bit. Find the note on the Third Floor, and attend the first Secret Class with Ms. Rack. Once you have finished, you can enter the library to the right of the dungeon to meet Julia. Do not enslave her. You can make any choices in this conversation you like; you will either agree to help her, or leave the possibility of helping her open.

Once Val has reached lvl 4, you can return to the school and enter Ms. Rack's room where there will be a scene in which she will ask you about Val's odd behavior. You can tell her the truth, or lie to her. This decision will have an impact on her opinion of you, but neither choice will prevent you from enslaving her.

If you have not already, your next target should be to find the second note, located in the top left room of the Fifth Floor. Julia will not allow you to play with her yet, but after giving this note to her, she will allow you to play with your other slaves, and she will tell you Ms. Rack's weakness.

When you return to your room, talking to Val will give you a choice on whether to give her the plan, or wait. If you have not yet made her into the personality you want her to be during the next scene, this is your last chance to change her. When you tell her the plan, the next time you talk to her will trigger the scene with Ms. Rack.

Important decisions:

There are a couple ways to fail this scene and end up Ms. Rack's slave. If you want to avoid them; or deliberately seek them out they are:

1: Have Val be in her normal personality and tell Ms. Rack to have a make-out fight with her. Val's hesitance to make out with her Aunt will lead to her failing the "battle" and Ms. Rack turning her against you.

2: Have Val be in her Bimbo personality, and tell Ms. Rack to have a make-out fight with you. Val's bimbo form is unreliable, and she ends up spiking both of your drinks, causing you to be too tipsy to resist Ms. Rack's power.

Student Control Path

There is very little to this path so far. It begins when you have enslaved at least 2 characters, and have not started the Heroic Path. When you visit Jane, she will confront you about your use of your powers on other students.

She is not angry with you, however. For some reason, she wants you to keep using your powers; just a little more discreetly. She even offers to help you hone your powers for purposes that the stuck-up Mr. Drape would never allow.

Another Alternate Cassandra

Thanks for the feedback on the last post. This is the first form that's had a lot of variables, so it's hard to guess blindly at what you guys would like to see. Here's a new version of Cowsandra based on some of that feedback.

Cow Cassandra Update

I am working on improving the Cow form for Cassandra based on feedback I've gotten so far. So, here's the latest version I've put together. This one has larger breasts instead of two pairs, and more cow-like skin.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New character: Cassandra

Cassandra is mentioned in the current update in one scene. She will make her appearance in person in the next update.

Cassandra is one of the most promising students this year, and also Sarah's old team-mate. She specializes in Debilitating magic, and upon learning how in-demand her specialty is did not hesitate to dump Sarah in order to become more popular. She is seldom seen without an entourage of fans, and considers herself to be the most powerful student in the school.

Whether that is true, or a part of her over-inflated ego is up for debate.

Since she appears as an antagonist, I decided to go with some more humbling personality changes for if you decide to enslave her. One of her unique personalities is a maid, and the other a cow-girl with some horns and an extra pair of breasts as a couple physical changes to go with it.

I wasn't entirely sure what direction to go with her cow-features, since there are several styles (cow-pattern skin vs normal, horns vs no horns, single set of large breasts vs two sets) So, I picked more or less at random. If you happen to have any particularly strong feelings about the style, be sure to leave a comment or send me a message. If people greatly prefer certain features I can make adjustments before finishing the update.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Adventure High v0.16 released early

So, I was planning on releasing the next version of the game on the 26th, but unfortunately a super hurricane just popped up nearby. I don't think it's going to hit me directly unless it radically changes path, but I will be hit with some severe storms which could knock my internet out for a while since I have satellite. I don't know for sure if I will lose internet or for how long if I do, but I figured I would play it safe and post early rather than being late. You can play the new version now by clicking play now on the sidebar.

Here are the new features for this version of the game:

- 9 scenes for the first Heroic Plotline added
- Two new mental floors
- Two new monsters
- One new spell for Dan/Rosa
- Library scene for Enslaved Ms. Rack added
- LIbrary scene for Enslaved Julia added
- Game now has 3 save slots. If you press the import save button, it should save your old game file into Slot 1.
- Physical Magic fixed, now it ignores enemy defense properly
- Ailments have been tweeked to increase the duration based on the caster's power

Monday, October 19, 2015

Adventure High 0.16 on it's way 10/26/15

I managed to be pretty fast with this update; while this is probably my largest update yet, I managed to also finish it in the lowest amount of time from start to finish. Hopefully this means I am getting better... Anyways, here is a complete list of the new features coming up in the next version:

- 9 scenes for the first Heroic Plotline added
- Two new mental floors
- Two new monsters
- One new spell for Dan/Rosa
- Library scene for Enslaved Ms. Rack added
- LIbrary scene for Enslaved Julia added
- Game now has 3 save slots. If you press the import save button, it should save your old game file into Slot 1.
- Physical Magic fixed, now it ignores enemy defense properly
- Ailments have been tweeked to increase the duration based on the caster's power

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Progress on v0.16

The beginning of the month is usually fairly slow for updates since I generally try to get my artwork goals done early. I have been making some steady progress on the game though. So far, the following features have been added to the live version of the game:

- 3 save slots implemented
- 1 new spell added
- 1 new Library scene for Ms. Rack
- 1 new Library scene for Enslaved Julia

Also, as a little bonus, here is a preview of Julia's forms at the same resolution as in the game. (It is cropped in the game, however)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Working on V0.16

So, I've begun work on Version 0.16 since I have had no new bug reports in a little while. I have some good news for you all; I found a Stencyl Extension that allows for multiple save files. So, future versions of the game will allow you to save your game in one of three save slots rather than having only one. This feature seems to be working, and is already implemented on the live version of the game. The only down side is that the new save function will not work with old saves. So, the next update will be one of the rare updates that will require you to start a new game unless I happen to figure out a way to import your old saves. If I do find a way, I will be sure to mention it.