Sunday, March 12, 2017

Adventure High 0.33 Updates

I've finished version 0.33 of Adventure High, and have it released to patrons now. Here's what's new in this version:

- New art for Julia's Library scene by Hilent added.
- New art for Sarah's Library scene by Vancroz added.
- All spell descriptions rewritten to include more detail, stamina cost, and spell school and types.
- Spell costs rebalanced, most spells cost more to cast now.
- Rest now restores three times as much stamina as before.
- 3 new spells for Sarah added
- 3 new spells for Ashley added
- 1 new alternate ending to the Berserker Plot added for if you date Julia successfully first.
- 2 new scenes added to the Cure Ashley Plotline added.
- New art for Sarah's grapple scene by Caveman Doodles added.
- Keyboard selection should now automatically start on the enemy when casting an aggressive spell, and allies when casting a support spell.
- Keyboard spell selection now defaults to the last spell cast on that party member's previous turn.
- Highlighting on target made more visually apparent.
- Exit to Title button added to the options menu.
- New Game Plus added to Bimbo Ending.
* During New Game Plus, your level and stats reset to 1, but you keep your spell proficiency in all schools.
* If you have learned of Sarah's home in the previous game, you will keep that knowledge in this game, to more easily trigger Sarah's home plot.
* Character's knowledge of Val's Secret will be kept in the new game.
- Opening sequence during New Game Plus rewritten.
- 2 new scenes for Val added.
- Library scene added for Molly
- Updated art for Molly feeding on Rosa added
- 1 new spell for Dan/Rosa added