Thursday, April 13, 2017

Adventure High 0.34 updates

Adventure High v0.34 is finished, and available for $1 patrons now. I'm not actually sure if this update is larger or smaller than the last one but it does add a couple new floors to the dungeon. Here's what's new in this update:

- New art for Erin's Grapple scene by Caveman Doodles
- New art for Molly's Succubus scenes by Hilent
- 2 new scene for Molly fired subplot added
- 3 new scenes added for Mysterious Revenge plotline
- 3 new spells added for Val
- Mysterious Book appears in the shop late in the Berserker plotline
- Mysterious Book can be given to Julia to initiate Book Plotline
- Splash image for Julia's book scenes by Hilent added.
- Splash image for Ashley's book scenes by Hilent added.
- 3 scenes added for Book Plotline
- 1 scene added to Cassandra potion plotline (Alternate path if you do not check on her)
- 2 monsters added
- 2 Dungeon Floors added
- Updated art for Cassandra's Library scenes by Vancroz
- 4 scenes added to Berserker Cure plotline
- 1 scene added to Contract Plotline
- 1 spell added for Cassandra
- 1 dungeon scene added to Cassandra's potion plotline