Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Adventure High 0.27 coming soon

I have the new version of Adventure High finished. The patron release is out now, and the public release will be on the 20th again. Here's what's new in this version:

- 1 new image added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement sequence for the fail ending where you also get drunk due to Bimbo Val's poor direction following skills.
- 1 new image added to the mass bimbofication ending
- Affection icon added. Should show a middle finger for characters who hate you, annoy spell icon if they dislike you, small heart if they like you, several hearts if they love you, and a big heart if they are charmed.
-Ability to pan splash images up and down added. Press up and down on the keyboard to pan the image.
- Alternate version of first date with Sarah added for if she was charmed.
-Alternate ending added to first conversation with Sarah if Grapple is used.
- 2 Images added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement for Val winning the makeout contest as a slave, or as a goth.
- 2 new floors added to the dungeon
- 2 new monsters added to the dungeon
- 1 new sigil added to the dungeon
- 1 new note added to the dungeon, and conversation with Cassandra if she is in the party.
- Secret class for Dr. Tiff added, with variant for if Cassandra is in the party.
- Scene with Cassandra added in Store if you healed her after defeating her.
-1 new scene added for Val's Submission plot.