Here are the main characters that have been developed so far.


The main character. You will be able to choose your character's gender at the start. If you are female, you will play as Rosa, while if you are male you will play as Dan. 

Val is the main character's friend, and is joining them for their first year at the school. She will accompany him/her on his/her first journey into the dungeon, and is potentially the first character you could enslave, if you choose to do so.

Ms. Rack is Val's aunt, and the Physical Magic teacher. She has spent a lot of her time training her body to be nearly indestructible; at the cost of missing out on carnal pleasures.

Dr. Tiff is the support magic instructor, and the School Nurse. She is always ready to help a student in need... but nothing angers her more than seeing a student injured or ill...

Sarah is a student gifted with Destructive magic, with an ego to match her skill. Unfortunately, her self-confidence seems to go missing whenever she finds herself outside of her element.

Jane is the destructive magic instructor, and one of the most laid back of the faculty. Though she was selected for her job due to her relaxed attitude in the hopes that she would be safer for students than the normally aggressive masters of destructive magic, she might not be quite as safe as expected.

Mr. Drape is the debilitating magic instructor, and as of this year has obtained tenure. He was already known for abusing his magic to punish students in the past... Perhaps giving him Tenure could be a bad idea..?

Julia is a bookworm who can usually be found in the library. Although the school is based entirely around training students to fight and survive in the wild, Julia seems to want to graduate without doing any fighting of her own.

The Berserker makes her home on the first floor of the dungeon where she attacks random students to steal their supplies. Can you put a stop to her rampage?

Cassandra is a popular student specializing in debilitating magic. In order to keep her fans happy, she frequently picks fights with other students to demonstrate her superiority. 
Molly is a shy student with a talent for healing magic and little else. Her fear of being a burden towards others has ended up with her roped into Jane's plan to give the main character private lessons...

Derrick comes from a family that was very wealthy before magic entered the world. Traditional money being near worthless in the present, each generation has had less access to the luxuries their family is accustomed to than the last. Raised with all the standards of wealth, without any of the benefits, Derrick signed up for the school to prove his worth.

Erin and Eric are twins who run the Monster Hunter shop. Both are gifted with magic that allows them to tame monsters and enchant tools to help others do the same. Erin is the more fun loving of the two, while Eric struggles to keep her focused on the business. 
At some point, you somehow manage to become the target of this mysterious individual's quest for vengeance. Who is she? Why has she targeted you? Why is she so bad at revenge? Some of these questions may be answered soon...

Brittany is the owner of the Enchantment shop; she doesn't charge a real fee for her services, because she enjoys practicing her enchantment spells. There are still material requirements for her spells to work though.

Angie Terran is the mother of Derrick, and the owner of the item shop. She will do anything to preserve her family's reputation and wealth.


  1. I love your character artwork

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    1. Sorry about that; I forgot to update this page. xD

    2. Happy New Year bud and good luck with the library perversion scene ;3

  3. I take it you forgot to add the new pictures of some characters to the page? (E.g updated Drape and Cassandra).

    1. Yeah, I did forget; I have them up now.

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    1. I think it's intentional, given how the Berserker is a hidden character. Probably won't be added until the Cure Berserker plotline is complete.

  5. I can answer one of the questions for the mysterious Figure.
    Why is she so bad at revenge?
    Because the plot line demands it