Sunday, September 20, 2015

Adventure High v0.15 released

With a couple hours until midnight I just finished uploading the new version of Adventure high to ensure that nothing goes horribly, horribly wrong. This update is pretty big compared to most other updates I've done, and includes by far the lengthiest scene so far in the game. So, here's what's new in this version of the game:

- 3 new dungeon floors
- 2 new enemies
- 1 new note
- 2 new Julia scenes
- Julia's Intel now accessible
- 3 new Val scenes
- 1 new Sarah Scene
- Attempting to Enslave Ms. Rack is now possible
- Added a new indicator for scenes that are about to end
- 1 new secret class
- 5 new spells

Friday, September 11, 2015

Progress as of 9/12/15

Getting pretty close to finishing version 0.15. Only one major scene left; though it is one of the longer scenes in the game so far, and has 8 variations depending on a couple factors. Since the 7th, the following has been added to the game:

- 2 new Val Scenes
- 1 new Julia Scene
- 1 new Dungeon Floor
- 1 new Dungeon Monster
- Indicator for conversations ending added.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Progress as of 9/7/15

Sometimes I don't feel like I have anything worth posting about, which can make the blog seem rather inactive. Since starting to keep track of my progress with the Live Updates though, it caused me to realize that I can probably make the blog more active by actually posting the progress that I have made so far. So, to start, here is a list of the content I have finished so far.

 - Dr. Tiff's secret class implemented
- 5 new spells have been added, and can be learned via secret class attendance.
 - 2 new dungeon floors
- 1 new enemy
- 1 new note
- 1 new Julia scene
- Julia's Intel now accessible
- 1 new Val scene
- 1 new Sarah Scene

Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Live Updates for Adventure High

So, I recently started playing a random game and they had what they called the 'unstable' version of the game. Essentially, every time something new is made for the next update, that version would include it immediately. That got me thinking that I could probably do the same thing for Adventure High. So, Starting today, Patrons at the $3.00 rank or higher will have access to live updates. I'm not quite fast enough to have something new every single day, since I do both the art and the programming for the game, but every time I do finish something new, the live version will be updated immediately. There will probably be slightly more bugs in the live version than in a new version release, but fixing bugs is always my top priority. So if you encounter any bugs or oddities, feel free to let me know about them so I can fix them right away.