Saturday, January 12, 2019

Spiral Clicker 0.04 Update List

Spiral Clicker 0.04 is up for $1.00 patrons and will be available for free on the 20th. Until the port is finished for AH, Spiral Clicker is going to be on the schedule AH usually is on. Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- Janis added to game. (Reach lvl 100 with Crystal to unlock her) - 5 CGs added for Janis
- 5 CGs added for Janis.
- Cassie added to the game.
- 5 CGs added for Cassie.
- 10 pearls by default are now gained at total lvl 1000, with 1 extra pearl per 100 levels above that.
- Each summon costs 5 pearls, and cost grows by 5 each summon.
- Unlocking the Library now costs 5 pearls.
- Formulas rebalanced for willpower generation and upgrade cost.
- Upgrades Shop added to College Campus. (Not microtransactions; upgrades via pearls earned in-game)
- 3 upgrades, with 2 tiers each added to Upgrades Shop.
- 3 scenes added for Tammy.
- 4 scenes added for Amber.