Friday, April 17, 2015

Version 0.12 coming soon

Version 0.12 is now complete, and it is currently available for Patrons (and anyone who becomes a patron) now since early access to the game is among the one dollar patron rewards. The public release will be on the 24th of this month.

It's taken about two months compared to one month for the last update, but I'm pretty confident this update contains more than twice as much content as the last one did. This update includes the introduction to Mr. Drape's Debilitating magic class, as well as your next party member and potential slave, Sarah.

It also introduces you to conversational spell casting and the temptation to abuse it on your new party member. It's not as straight forward as the situation with Val though; there are actually 4 different ways to go about enslaving Sarah depending on what you say to her, and when you decide to cast your spell.

 Just like Val though; if you choose to put Sarah under your control, you will also be able to toy with her personality in your bedroom. Here's a preview of her current personality costumes.


  1. the 4th option, is that supposed to be an Aerith reference?

    1. Not deliberately; her mantle kind of ends up looking a lot like Aerith's vest though, and her dress parts the same way as Aerith's by chance. I went with a red color scheme for the last form because red contrasts against blue, and the personality change that goes with that outfit contrasts with her normal personality.