Sunday, May 31, 2015

Adventure High 0.13 coming 06/07/15

It's been a long couple of weeks of coding and bug fixing nearly every waking hour, but I've finally finished the new version of the game. It is available now for Patrons, and will be released publicly on the 7th.

So, what's new in this version:

1: The dungeon is now available for exploration.
2: Two new monsters have been added to the game.
3: New spells for The Player, and Val can be learned by using your old spells enough times.
4: Sarah joins in battles after you recruit her.
5: Added new UI elements to show status ailments and buffs in battle.
6: Stamina system added, casting spells will drain stamina, and resting restores it.
7: 2 new alternate enslavement scenes are now hidden in the game, one for Val and one for Sarah. Good Luck ;)
8: Introduction of Jane Smith, the Destructive Magic instructor, and her first class.
9: First scene of the main plot has been added, as well as the first scene of the harem plot.

 Due to a bug I found that stopped Val from being added to the slave counter when enslaved in her first scene, you may need to start a new game in order to trigger the start of the Harem Plot.

And here is a preview of Jane Smith.

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