Thursday, November 12, 2015

Progress on v0.17 11/12/15

I think I am getting close to finishing v0.17. The feature list is growing pretty large, actually. So, this may end up being yet again a faster update with even more content. Here is a list of the features currently finished and available on the live updates version of the game.

- Cassandra Intel available from Julia
- Intel available from Enslaved Julia, if she is in her normal personality.
- 1 new Julia (enslaved, normal personality) scene added.
- 1 scene added for Sarah and Cassandra
- ~5 scenes added for Cassandra
- Cassandra is now recruitable
- Cassandra is now enslavable
- Cassandra Library scenes added
- Cassandra personality change sequences added
- Duel with Cassandra added
- 1 new monster
- 2 old monsters' artwork replaced
- 1 new floor added
- 1 new note added
- 1 new secret class
- New interactions added for Julia's intel
- Old dungeon battle background replaced
- Val's greetings in bedroom when enslaved expanded to match each personality
- 2 new "Slave Chatter" scenes added (Random chance of a chatter scene playing out when entering your bedroom.)

The Live Updates version of the game is a reward for $3.00+ patrons. If you would like to play the live version, you can check out my Patreon campaign here:

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