Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Adventure High Version 0.22 coming 4/20/16

I have the new update finished and the Patron version released. This one is a little bit smaller than I have been getting the last few months. I managed to catch something nasty last week and still am not quite recovered. Anyways, here's what's new in this version:
 - 1 new destructive spell added for Val
- 1 new destructive spell added for Sarah
- 1 new scene for Val added.
- 1 New Slave Chatter scene between Charmed Val and Normal Sarah added
 - 1 New Slave Chatter scene between Normal Cassandra and Charmed Sarah added
 - Sarah will now ask Dan out if he is single and her affection towards him is 50 or higher. (Sarah is straight and monogamous, so dating her as Rosa or while also dating another character will still require the Charm spell)
- 3 new scenes for the Cowed Cassandra Plot added
- New avatars for Jane, and Dan drawn by RokuMoku
- Button added to bedroom to toggle style between old art and new (May or may not work on existing saves. It seems to arbitrarily not work on some of my saves when tested, and I cannot find a cause. It always works on a fresh game though.)
- Chat icons now reflect the currently selected style - Added library scene for Dr. Tiff.


  1. i hope sex scenes and pregnancy scenes will be added in this game because it is awesome

  2. Damn. Can't seem to get Val in her Charmed state where I'm at on this. Is there a way to fix that? Like, perhaps a fourth option or something when changing them.

    1. It's not really a bug; enslavement and charming are two different things, that will have different impacts on the story.