Friday, May 13, 2016

Adventure High v0.23 coming 5/20/16

The next version of Adventure High is now finished, and is available now for Patrons. The public release will be on the 20th. This is a pretty massive update, actually. Monster weaknesses and resistances have been added, as well as an item store and the first Date with Sarah. Here's a full list of what's new in this update:

- 2 new floors added to dungeon.
- 2 new monsters added
- 1 new note added
- 1 New scene with Molly added at 10th floor note
- Avatar for Val updated
- Item store now functional.
- Several new sequences involving Molly added, triggered by using the Love Potion #9 & 3/4ths on her multiple times.
- 2 new areas in town added.
- 4 items added to Item Store. (Note, what items you buy will influence Molly's opinion of you in addition to their normal affects)
- Able to obtain gems after talking to Molly in the Item Store.
- Current Gem count added to stats in the Party Menu.
- First date with un-charmed Sarah added. Scene includes brief windows where she becomes vulnerable to either Confuse, Charm, or Suppression.
- 1 new make-out scene with Sarah added. (If you have 75 or higher affection during the first date with Sarah she will agree to make out with you, and a new scene will be available in the bedroom. If you have less than 75 affection, you can cause the scene to happen by casting charm on her at the right moment when she rejects your offer.)
- 2 new splash pages to go with the make-out scene. One with Normal Sarah, and one with Doll Sarah.
- 1 new spell for Sarah, replaces Cauterize when learned. Can be learned by selecting "take the lead" during the make-out scene with Sarah.
- 2 new spells for Molly added. One will be cast randomly once she knows it, the other cannot be used until she is able to be given combat orders.
- Physical Magic secret class added
- Monsters now have weaknesses and resistances towards certain aspects of spells, which can affect the spell power of spells matching those aspects.
- Baby Slime's defense reduced.
- New avatar for Dr. Tiff added
- New avatar for Rosa added
- Color of menus and buttons changed, and portrait size on icons made to be more uniform.


  1. WOOHOO! NEW STUFF! Can't wait to see it all! Friday can't come soon enough! (But that always applies to Friday)

  2. i love this game so much and it is so fun but still sex scenes with the main character and slaves you control have got to be added and even some unwanted risky creampies

    1. There will be more mature scenes as I make progress working on the game. Mainly, the scenes are limited by available artwork. I am trying to add at least one new splash page to each update though.

    2. Why not add a few artists to your team? that way you can focus on the game development and give us more content :D

    3. I have added one artist to the team recently, they have been working on updating the old avatars with new ones for the last couple updates.

  3. after this update need to update the walkthrough cuz this update is a massive one lol

    1. I am planning to update it for this one.