Saturday, December 24, 2016

Latest updates for Adventure High 0.30

I'm a few days late making a blog post about this but 0.30 for Adventure High was released on the 20th, and here are the new features for this version of the game:

- Avatar for Mr. Drape updated.
- Updated Images added to make-out scene with Sarah after the first date.
- Variation of Cassandra's Library scene added for her willing slave plotline.
- Jane's library scene added.
- 2 scenes added to Jane Tamed plot.
- You can now command Molly to give you shop items for free (Note, will cause her to get fired if abused)
- New shop interface with Derrick if Molly was fired.
- 1 new scene added for Molly being fired.
- 1 new Caveman Doodles image added to Bimbofication Ending.
- Molly's personality change sequences added. (Avatar only changes for Classic art for now)
- 1 new scene for Erin added
- 1 new area added


  1. In the sense when the female monster tamer. Ask if you wood lick to see her monster collector and the protagonist says yes. And use the flirt spell on her can you please. Make so if the protagonist cast the grapple spell. To tease her and to set up a later sense. Wear the protagonist use the grapple spell again.And a sex sense where the protagonist can be ether dominant or submissive. To female monster tamer leading to ether the protagonist cast the suppress spell on her. Or she use a modified tame collier on the protagonist and tames them as her personal sex monster. Bad end.

    PS i lick your work and i thought this may be a nice way. To progress this character but if you have a another idea for her. I don't mind. :)

    1. For consistency, spells will generally do the same basic thing when "unprovoked". Sometimes spells will have different results if the scene in question mentions using the spell in a unique way. I am though planning on including more instances of using spells in existing scenes.

    2. I thought the grapple spell wood work because as i see it the spell is just tentacles the user controls lice arms. at lest that's how i see them working But unlike the sense with Sarah the protagonist is in the open. So they can't go to far leaving Erin horny and excited for later.

      So in second sense the grapple spell is just a sex sense. because it doesn't work for my another idea.

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    4. I'm not really planning on spells being "smart" about their use in public, as I am planning on having some bad results from using spells carelessly. So, if you were to use an obvious spell right out in the open without first doing something to make sure you are private or that nobody would notice you might get caught by someone.

  2. the transform spell works much better as a alternative to my another idea.

    In the sense in the back of the monster shop when Erin shows the protagonist some exzotic monster the protagonist ether tells or shows Erin the transform spell. then transforms into a monster/human hybrid.
    The sense can go 1 of 2 ways.
    1) Erin joking puts a tame collier on the protagonist. And because of the transformation from earlier the collier partially working and Erin teaks advantage of this and treat the protagonist lick a pet. Till the collier stops working but it making the protagonist more submissive.
    2)the protagonist can go monster on her and dominant Erin
    this sense happens 3 times slightly different depending on whether the protagonist is dominant or submissive
    and And on the 3 time depending on player choices. protagonist ether can caste cast the suppress spell on a willing Erin.
    Or Erin use a modified tame collier to claim the protagonist as her pet.
    if you have a another idea for Erin i do not mind i will still enjoy your game thank you.

    1. While Transformation spells change the shape and colors of the body, the person's genetics remain the same. So, the safe collars would not mistake a transformed human for a monster.

      The player cannot freely take a monster form though; he has to be able to see and target a monster in order to take it's form. Even in the ranch, that would not be possible because there are magical barriers on the monsters' stalls as a redundant protective measure. (The purple haze in front of the stalls are the barriers)

      Don't let me discourage you from making more suggestions though just because a couple of them wouldn't work. I am planning on having a large number of different possible things to do with each character and not just one singular plan for them.

    2. thank for the input and
      can you please add or use a existing page to help people who make suggestion to understand how the magic and item work.

      now what i meant by Erin shows the protagonist some exzotic monster is by bring the monsters out or going in the stalls with The tame collier on the monster. Bypassing the magical barriers on the stalls and the collier stops the monster from inter firing allowing the protagonist direct line of sight so the spell should work like it normally does on monsters

      now to explain how the collier works on the protagonist
      Erin and Eric makes the tame colliers or at least fix them. and according to Jane its not hard to bypassing the safety fetchers on the colliers and so its not hard to believe Erin wood have a collier she is working on or fixing with out the safety fetcher working. ether nearby on or even on her and decided to use it on the protagonist

      but she can't just kidnap the protagonist she hast to proper
      so by the 3 time she's ready to keep the protagonist as her pet and the protagonist doesn't knows it but is to horny remembering the last time they wore the collier that they don't care as Erin puts the collier around their neck for the last time.

    3. Unfortunately, having a page where I explain how everything works before getting around to explaining it in-game would probably be a waste of effort to maintain since I intend for those details to end up being explained in-game as soon as they become plot-relevant.

      It might be possible for a scene to occur where Erin willingly (or while enslaved) allows the player access to a monster to transform into it. It would only be a stretch to have the player do it by surprise since the monsters are protected by the barriers.

      In theory, it is possible for Erin to have a modified collar, but I'm not sure if she would actually have one, or if she would use it. She has some submissive tendencies; enjoying the idea of control vicariously through the monsters she tames.

    4. this may happen ether in the stalls or out of them but there are there to see Erin collection so it not to strange if Erin suggesting that having a up close look at 1 or 2 of the monsters. speech options (1 being yes) and (2 being no) after saying yes and a bit later still looking ate the monster a speech options comes up
      (1 being i wonder what it would be like to have sex with a monster being the escape options but lets the player still come back) (2 being did you now i have a transformation spell being a leading options were you show her the spell)
      (note the protagonist explains how the spell works ether before or after spell is use and it explains how Erin now that she needs a collier that works on humans not monster’s later)
      After transformation spell is use Erin becomes excited by all the possibilities forms the protagonist can take and then the protagonist ask what she thinks about the spell. and Erin ask about having sex in that form. 1 2 options come up (1 jump straight into sex. giving Erin want she really wants) (2 the protagonist has cold feet and designs not to have sex this time)

      Now Erin may have submissive tendencies but the idea of having the protagonist as a pet is only tempting to her because they can transform into a more humanoid form of any monster Erin wants within limit. and Erin is not trying to in slaves the protagonist she is just so excited and horny thinking about it she can’t help it so she tells the protagonist not to transform back yet and wait there a moment. then leaves to gets a tame collier that work on humans. to excited and to horny to just let it end there. so she use the collier as a way of getting what she wants. and as for the collier it would probably be on a workbench or they may have a few damaged ones waiting to be fix or disposed of some were on the ranch.
      Erin slips the modified tame collier on the protagonist ether with a silver tongue or before they release what is going on after sex Erin tacks it off the protagonist but they are still feel so horny so the protagonist just accepts it as a bit of harmless fun on her part

      the player can still dominant Erin second time.
      wen asking about last time they had sex as a monster Erin suggests to the protagonist that they do it again but if the player is not interested or says not rite now. Erin use the collier again (it is more a crime of convenience rather than of planning the second time around) Erin may rather be submissive then dominant but she is forced to by her desires and the players choices.

      so in summary Erin doesn't want a slave but she just cannot let anyone find out about her new pet and she cannot just let the protagonist keep go free (what if they were to tell her brother or the school about the collier they would confronts her and either deal with her privately or have her arrested because she cannot just in slave people but this is just a wat if example)
      so the 3 time she doesn't take the collier of after sex if you decide that the protagonist transforms she tells them to tern back into there original form after and bad end

    5. I don't want to interrupt the discussion, and I find the idea interesting, even though not quite fitting, but I just have to say it: Mister Swine, you should get someone to proofread your comments, because even though I understand what you want to say, some people might not see the connections between words "like", "lick", and "lice"(okay, maybe they all will, but it just hurts my eyes. It "inter fires" with my brainwaves and makes my brain go numb).

    6. thank you for the idea but getting someone to proofread my comments is not a good idea maybe if it was a different sort of game yes but not this one. and sorry my writing is bad but i now but i do intend to keep trying until it works or Doug Byrd tells me to stop.

      (time for something funny)
      hay can you proofread this.
      (•◡•) OK.
      (•_•) WTF
      ಠ╭╮ಠ i don't know what to say.
      (¬‿¬) so this it what your into. hu

    7. Yeah, considering the mature nature of the game, it can be difficult to find someone to proof-read comments about it. I am getting the impression that it's mostly autocorrect issues, since the words that don't make sense are used correctly but are just the wrong word.

      Anyways I am able to parse what you are saying so it's not a bother to me at least. xD I've spent a fair bit of time working together with someone who barely spoke English at all so I got pretty good at interpreting text. lol

    8. my be but dok's of all shaps and degrees have no idea of what disability it is but do you now what's not funny is because they don't know what disability i have i don't get any sort of help from my government even tho all i relly need is a job it's so sad i can't stop laughing
      oh and if you want i can redo the comment i did on December 29, 2016 at 7:01 AM if it made no sense

    9. I can read your comment fine, it's not a problem. By autocorrect problems, I meant, some phones will try to guess what word you are typing and fills it in automatically. Whether that is the case or not, your posts don't bother me at all, as I am able to make sense of them.

    10. sorre what i mete was if it did not clarify the problems you highlighted erleer

    11. Okay, I suppose tentacles, taming collars and submissive tamers might be a bit too personal to get someone to proofread for you. Don't get me wrong, I understand all your comments perfectly, it's just that I'm a bit of grammar nazi and it bothered me. But do as you will, I no longer mind (that much).

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  3. BTW: If the fact animals don't know magic is impossible is what made them into instant instinct driven war machines, then wouldn't bimbos be an unbeatable army?

    1. Nah, 'cause an expert magic user is better than a mindless one. The problem was, humans had to get over their disbelief first before they could even begin to learn to use magic, whereas animals for the most part had no concept of what is "impossible" and were able to use magic by wanting things to happen.