Friday, May 12, 2017

Adventure High 0.35 Update coming 5/20

Today I've finished the 0.35 update for Adventure High and have it up for $1.00 patrons now. Here's a list of what's been added in this update:

- Milking scenes for Cow form Cassandra, and Willing Slave Cassandra in cow form added, with art from Caveman Doodles.
- Scene added for Willing slave Cow Cassandra/Tough Sarah after a couple milking scenes.
- 4 scenes added to the Book plotline's Bad end path, with two different bad ends.
- 2 splash images added for the bad Book path endings by Hilent.
- 2 scenes added to Ms. Rack and Dr. Tiff plotline
- Oral Sex scene with Maid Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles
- 2 scenes added for Jane receiving the book.
- New game plus added for good book ending.
- Note added to 15th floor, with scene for Sarah
- Second Secret Class added for Mr. Drape
- Background for bedroom updated
- Background for Streets Updated
- New spell for Dan/Rosa added
- 2 Book Scenes for Sarah added, with art by Hilent.
- Molly Library Scene art updated by Vancroz
- 1 new scene for Mysterious Revenge Plotline added


  1. >Read update
    >See new ending leading to NG+

    Time to resume hating my bank while waiting for it to be the 20th...
    (Note: my bank says "yes we support Paypal" which Paypal also says... Except that my bank does, in fact, NOT support Paypal. I have exactly 0 idea why).

    1. Given how important paypal is to online payments in general, that must be a royal pain to be unable to use paypal.

    2. Yeah, which is why I mostly rely on invoices to pay anything I shop on the net.
      Mostly a pain as there's a few people I'd love to supprot on Patreon but I have 0 way to do so (due to Paypal only).

  2. >Read Update
    >See more Mysterious Revenge Plotline

  3. With the 20th almost here, I decided I might as well post it here (and hope it's fixed regardless).
    Did a NG.
    Enslaved Val in the Dungeon and planned on going date Julia > Mysterious Book route.
    Used the code for the sake of speed.
    Enter Dr. Tiff's room (as I wanted Sarah) and... Ah great. There's the scene. Oh well. I enslaved Sarah at that point.
    Go ahead to the Dungeon, grab the floor 3 note, beat Ashley, head to the Library. Dump Ashley there, she gets her name yada yada yada.
    Head to floor 10 to advance the dungeon, head to Julia and Ashley's missing.
    And... Julia acts as if she's my slave (...I have used 0 spells on you, Julia). I choose to forgive her (though I was weirded out). Grab Ashley, complete Mysterious Book plotline as normal. Hm...

    Did a NG again, chose Dan again, enslaved Val in the dungeon, DIDN'T enslave Sarah (read: I flatout ignored her by just going to Jane's lesson).
    Grabbed floor 3 note, gave it to Julia, grabbed Ashley, went to floor 10. Same as last time.
    Speak to Julia and... She, again, acts as if I've enslaved her (meaning I get the forgive/punish her scene). The Mysterious Book plotline worked as normal.

    I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but I figured I'd point it out regardless.

    1. Does she say anything that specifically indicates that she is actually a slave already? The punish/forgive scene happens regardless of if she is slave or not; if she is free, she sends Ashley home knowing that it will anger you and likely lead to her enslavement and is willing to accept that consequence in exchange for her sister's safety.

    2. Normally when I get there, I get the options "That's a good idea" or "That's a bad idea" when I haven't enslaved her, thus my confusion.
      I tried the punish route (I had saved beforehand) and she became my slave as usual. The second time, I did the forgive route and she acted as normal.

    3. Okay, just tried a run where I didn't enslave anyone:
      This time, I got the "That's a good idea"/"That's a bad idea" scene.

      Loaded a savefile, grabbed Sarah (enslaved her) and again, the "Punish" or "Forgive" scene played out.
      I'm starting to think this game hates me...

    4. The good idea/bad idea scene should occur when you have had a successful date with Julia, not simply when she is free.

    5. I had some vague memory of this myself. For some reason, it seems to happen at random for me.
      Did a date with her (again a NG) with literally EVERYONE enslaved except for her (yes, that includes the teachers. It took a while to get Cassandra...)
      I got the Good/Bad idea route this time around.
      Not exactly sure why it seems to happen at random for me... Hopefully it'll stop happening in the next version. Hopefully.

    6. AND nevermind (why do I have 2 tabs open with the game?...)
      Found out what I did wrong in the first one: during the date, I accidentally fast forwarded too much so the date resulted in failure due to not promising I'd keep my hands off Ashley (for some reason my brain decided to go "why bother remembering the IMPORTANT DETAILS?").
      During the first run I had, it was my fault: I hadn't dated her (clicked too fast so I chose the Monster Ranch; I'm half-asleep and is gonna try something out before I go to sleep. Apologies again! Note to self: be more awake when posting next time)

  4. I have a question about the scene between Sarah and her mom:
    I did the date with her, talked to her about the lake twice and then went on with our lives.
    Went to meet her and went to her place. Lost to the boss.
    During the scene that followed, I used Suppression on Sarah's mom (also found out that if you do it on the first line of the dialogue, Sarah will have her mindless expression until it's changed due to some other dialogue. Huh...)
    Went to the lake and didn't see Sarah.
    What, exactly, are the criteria for meeting Sarah after dealing with that boss and thus her obtaining the Bubble spell? Last time I enslaved Sarah's mom, I just went straight there and it'd trigger.
    For reference, Dan and Sarah's mom had the regular dialogue once I used Suppression on her.
    Sarah was not my slave nor had I done the Doll plotline (I did the latter after I was done with the date, if that's somehow related).

    1. To clarify: I did get Possession and Sarah did get the Bubble spell. I just couldn't get that scene to proc regardless of what I did (Sarah was around level 17 and Dan was level 23 or something.)

    2. It does require Sarah to have her normal personality to trigger that scene, so if you did something to cause her expression to get stuck, you might need to get her expression back to normal to trigger the scene. I'll look into fixing it so Sarah can't get her expression stuck though.

    3. Might be that then. Thanks!

  5. heads up, download link currently points to an older version, not .35

    1. Got the .35 version by downloading the actual flash from the play now page. Nice bedroom artwork (lack of which, and "exit to menu" option, was what tiped me that the version available at Gamejolt wasn't current). Even if I prefer the cleaner lines of the old background - even if the new one is better.

      However, the transition betwen locations with new and old art is a bit jarring. Might I suggest including the backgrounds in the "new / classic graphics" option?

    2. Yeah, I haven't finished uploading the gamejolt version. My internet is being slow.

  6. Found two problems already:
    One: Says it's ver 0.34, not 0.35.
    Two: Drape's second class is repeatable. I'm not sure of the exact criteria, but here's what I did thus far:
    Enslaved Val first chance I got.
    Enslaved Sarah in the hallway (Grapple).
    Got all the notes.
    Started Berserker plotline.
    Gave all notes to Julia and then started Mysterious Book plotline. At the Ashley scene, I went ahead to get the book back.
    Did all of Jane's private classes (transformed into Molly, spoke with Sarah, went back).
    Went to Drape's class (as I was trying to figure out where to go next) and I can repeatedly do the class for 300 free Debilibating Proficiency.
    Tried to change all party members - could still trigger it.

    1. Found another (minor) bug:
      I enslaved Cassandra and milked her.
      For some reason, the scene will change to the School when Dan talks (though the artwork is correct).
      In the middle of the scene, it says that it's Dan who speaks, but Val's portrait showed up out of (literally) nowhere.

    2. I have those fixed now, sorry it took a little bit, my internet is being slow today.

  7. How do you continue the book plotline?

    1. Pretty sure we're all trying to figure it out at the moment. Given how Doug's Internet is being slow today, we'll have to figure it out on our own.
      So far, I have tried giving Jane and Sarah the book (after getting it back from Ashley) but no luck... If I don't take it back from Ashley, nothing happens... (I do have it in my spell menu but I can't give it to anyone).
      Well, here's to hoping we'll figure it out. Somehow.

  8. Okay, so I found out how to complete the Book plotline.
    Complete what's written in the walkthrough (0.34 version).
    When given the option to take the book back from Ashley or let her be enslaved, take the book back.
    Head to Jane's 3rd secret class. Near the end of it, you'll be able to give her the book (I forgot what line exactly; keep giving her the book and you'll eventually get it).
    Once you do, a short scene plays out in which she's given the book.
    After that, head back to the classroom and another scene plays out.

    Congratulations, you now completed the Mysterious Book plotline and got access to a NG+!

    1. Okay, the line you're looking for is "I'll let you know when we'll have our next lesson" (so basically the very last line of the scene).

      Warning: If you're playing as Rosa (or a gender changed Dan), you'll get a Bad Ending, forcing you to reload your latest save.


    There's a few scenes in the Mysterious Book plotline (Bad Ending) where there's jumbled text, as well as 1 in NG+. Here's the jumbled text lines:

    Bad Ending (Rosa):
    "...the book snapping shut draws your (jumbled text)."
    As well as:
    "You let out a soft moan before realizing that nearly everyone (jumbled text)."

    Both are near the very end of the scene.

    The final one is if you chose to tag with Julia in the NG+. She'll say "Come to the Library when you have a chance then. I will" then the rest of the text is jumbled.

    I have yet to figure out how to see the Sarah route end but oh well. I'll probably figure it out at some point.

    1. That's easy. Have sarah charmed. She rams the (spoiler warning)

      (you were warned) the sex-change potion down Rosa's thorat to serve her.

    2. >thorat
      Damn you, lack of an edit button!

    3. Basically my reaction to everything whenever I lack something...

      Well, I found the route you mentioned (though I changed gender as Dan. I love that Slime Girls are worth 1400 Gems when captured...)

      Still, I was referring to the "Sarah recieving the book" in my previous post. Regardless, I'm grateful that I found out that ending.

    4. Giving Sarah the book, apart from Jane's ending, can be done from the menu while on the streets, the school gate, or school hallway if Sarah has 40 affection or higher with you. I have those text jumbles fixed, and am trying to get it to upload now. I am working on updating the walkthrough, but it's slow going. xD I swear my ISP is throttling my connection on purpose this week there isn't even a cloud in the sky...

    5. I tried giving Sarah the book in the hallway (after Drape cursed her after the initial class) and in the street (when she comments on the Protagonist being broke). Neither of them worked (and I had given her enough Love Potions to have 3 heart affection). Not sure if it's meant to be somewhere else but... Yeah.

    6. Not during a conversation with her; you cast it from your magic menu inside the pause menu.

    7. Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!

    8. ...I hate the lack of an edit button.
      When you meet Sarah in the town after giving her the book, the options are jumbled.

    9. ...The first line from Sarah after choosing the top option is also jumbled. (Note to self: I should check it all before posting).

      This was all done on Dan's route. Gonna check Rosa's route next.

  10. As much as I'm sure you love me by now:

    During the Rosa route, if you read the book in your room, the first line is a bunch of jumbled text.

    There's another line of jumbled text between "...with the floor would cause it to open" and
    "With a thud, the book lands, the covers unfolding..."

    This was all present on both routes of the dialogue (both solo and reading with Val).

    During the Val scene, there's TWO lines of jumbled text between "'re going to be okay" and "I... I should stop then..." (said by Val). There's also a few empty boxes of text (wasn't paying much attention; think it was 2).

    1. Nothing wrong with reporting a bunch of bugs. It's my fault there are bugs, not yours. :P Anyways, I'm working on trying to fix all the stuff that's been reported today. Due to super slow internet I'm going to try to get everything that's been reported finished first then upload rather than uploading with each fix. xD

    2. Hate when the net is slow... Hope it'll get fixed for you soon!

  11. >- 2 scenes added to Ms. Rack and Dr. Tiff plotline
    Neither was able to get them, nor are they mentioned in the walkthrough. Any luck / help?

    1. As a thanks for helping me with the Sarah/Rosa route, here's a tip (SPOILERS):

      Ms. Rack and Dr. Tiff tried dating once.
      What in the world would make them tell you about this?
      Maybe if they were your slaves...

    2. I know, it was obvious, but for some reason the scene doesn't trigger even with a savegame with them being both enslaved.

      BTW, that made me find a bug in the Sarah dialogs, going for a faculty control plotline to test if the problem above is related with playing v35 with v34 savegames or with something else: Fresh new ng+, enslaving Val at first hallway, enslaving Sarah with Grapple also at hallway, direct to note at floor 3, I get a enslaved Sarah freaking at Val being a sleva and allowing me to enslave her *again*.

    3. Have not seen that part (about Sarah freaking out about Val being a slave despite being a slave herself).

      As for enslaving them:
      I enslaved Val in the Dungeon
      Went ahead to enslave Ms. Rack (during the scene, I had her do a make out fight with Bimbo Val).
      Enslaved Sarah (Grapple), Julia (Confuse/Grapple), Cassandra (NOT willing slave).
      Val gets pissy at me, I speak to Julia to get intel.
      Talk to Ms. Rack, head to Dr. Tiff and watch the scene play out.
      After that, you can speak to Ms. Rack in Dr. Tiff's room. Once you've done that, you can speak to Dr. Tiff (again in Dr. Tiff's room).

      I did all of this on a fresh save (I play with the uploaded version, not the DL version. I doubt it'd make a difference but still.)

    4. I got the scenes normally through a replay game. I digged into the savefile and found a possible explanation. v35 includes a new variable ("Rack and Tiff plot") to keep track of, well, the Rack and Tiff plot. Seems that the scene triggers from that variable instead of from continuing from the "Tiff tamed" plot and variable. This means the scene is not attainable form a v34 savegame with Tiff already enslaved.

  12. A typo and a likely bug with Cassandra.
    - "What are you four?" should be "What are you, four?"
    - Willing slave Cassandra showing tits at library has "normal" portrait, not cow form.

    1. also, when casting Confuse on Sarah to help her with the memories of the sex change potion fiasco, there's no indication of anything happening, other than the lack of "failed" message. I strongly suggest adding some dialog cue of what happened to that scene.

  13. "And who could that misterious person buying so, sooo many ink bombs be?"

    (spoiler warning)

    (spoilerwarned) I bet it's a certail unlucky swimmer that was at the lake at the wrong time

    1. Mysterious*


      And I think so too. The person does say "wait until I get my bo---" (body?)
      Also, she (he?) seems to recognize Dan/Rosa, as she (he?) remarks that "one of them just came in".

  14. I found a bug, if you lose to the first monster you meet in the game, it gets stuck in an infinite loop.

    For clarification, the monster is named demoman, you can only really lose to it if you try to do so.

    1. Confirmed bug, was able to recreate it

    2. Confirmed by me, too.

      Also found out another bug during it: I used Suppression with Dan on Val, then on myself. Demoman attacked Val once and her Act suddenly stopped dropping. (I had her enslaved in order to try it out easier).

    3. I have that fixed, but I can't upload it yet. I'm getting all of a whopping 5 KB/s right now. D: This is the worst update cycle for me, these abysmal internet speeds have made it impossible to reply quickly or get fixes up promptly.

    4. I hope you added a "game over - how were you able to lose that fight?" message to that instead of just silently reverting to new game start or previous save.

    5. Have it fixed now. x__x took so, so long to upload.

  15. I remember reading that Molly will have more money the more you go into the Dungeon (or how far, I forget at the moment)...

    I have bought the Book (10k Gems), changed genders back and forth 19 times (200k Gems).
    She's still not fired.
    I'm starting to suspect she's doing some extra side jobs...

    1. Is she in her normal personality? I had similar issue that resolved when I reverted her to normal.

    2. Have you entered the dungeon and returned at least once since buying all of those things? She gets fired after returning from the dungeon, and not when leaving and re-entering the store.

    3. Personality: Normal.
      Dungeon: Tried it twice. Worked the second time (not sure why not the first time; didn't run into any enemies the first time, if that makes any difference).

    4. That does seem odd that it happened the second time and not the first. Glad it ended up working though. xD

    5. Well, either that or I simply didn't purchase enough the first time. Either or!

  16. What's the criteria for having Cassandra run into Sarah in the school?
    I know you have to be friends with her (e.g not having enslaved her). Problem is, it seems to be fairly random (for me, at least).

    Run 1: I didn't enslave anyone, did Heroic Route until I saved Sarah's Mind. In the hallway, I said I knew a healing spell, then used Boost.
    Went through the dungeon until floor 10 (to complete the Berserker Plotline).
    In the town, I told her I didn't mind being broke and I also turned her skin into plastic when asked.
    Headed to school, Sarah was harassed by Cassandra so I stepped in (I had not started dating Sarah at this point).

    Second run, I did the same things (except I enslaved Val first chance I got).
    Did the same things, though I also went on a date with Sarah (spoke to her about the lake and if she wanted to make out). Went to school and Cassandra was nowhere to be seen.

    Third run, I didn't enslave Val, but I did Julia after I had saved Sarah's mind. Ran into Drape, was saved by Val/Sarah and did the other steps as normal. Cassandra did this time appear.

    Fourth (and final test run I did): Enslave Val/Julia, left Sarah intact, did everything else (except for saving her mind, obviously).
    Also went ahead with the Doll plot (I didn't enslave her).
    Cassandra was this time present, despite not saving Sarah's mind (which I had done twice before).

    At this point, I just went "Okay so I figured something out: I have exactly no idea why."

    1. Accidentally didn't reply directly to you. xD Sarah's third conversation in her normal set is where she gets bullied by Cassandra. That set advances as you go deeper in the dungeon, and as you level Sarah up. So, if you either didn't use Sarah much, or fled from battle to avoid combat and get deeper in the dungeon faster, you may not have triggered Sarah's third scene by her level requirement of lvl 6 or higher.

    2. Yeah, that makes sense then.
      The only time I didn't have Sarah at 6 or above was when Cassandra didn't trigger, so probably why then.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Just a heads up:
    During the 3rd time you read the book as Rosa (in your room that is), the first line is still jumbled.

    Not sure if it's due to having Julia flash the book or not, I'll admit. Still figured I'd point it out.

    1. Sorry about that, have a fix uploading now.

  19. Congratulations, Doug.
    You did it again.

    During "Molly is Fired Because You're An Asshole And Made Her Give You Free Stuff" (or just "Molly Fired" for short) subplot, the second time Derrick speaks, it's all a bunch of jumbled text.

    1. If you buy the Mysterious Book from Derrick, when he mentions the price, it's (again) jumbled text.

    2. I started on the next round of live updates already, so I can't fix them in this version but I have them fixed in the live version and am working on uploading them now. They will be fixed in the next public release.

    3. I know, I saw the update on your Patreon.
      I figured I'd point it out so you know, regardless.

  20. Pretty sure it's intentional, but I'd like to ask anyway:
    I just ran through the game doing Bimbo World > NG+ into Mysterious Book.
    During the Bimbo World, Val is a bimbo (obvious). However, after I did the NG+ after completing the Mysterious Book, Val is back to normal (though Julia is still slutty).

    I'd imagine it being on purpose, but regardless, I wanted to ask if it was intentional or not.

    1. Yeah, NG+ changes relate only to the most recent NG+, and don't stack.

    2. Just out of curiosity, roughly how many different endings do you have in mind, eventually?

  21. Not sure if intentional but wanted to ask regardless:
    Went to floor 15 note with Sarah.
    Scene plays out as normal.
    Went there with Mindless Sarah - normal scene plays out (though she has mindless expression).
    Went there with Eager to Please - Eager to Please scene plays out.
    Went there with Tough Sarah - Tough Sarah scene.

    Not sure if the Mindless one is intentional, but I wanted to point it out regardless. It was quite... Amsuing to see, if nothing else...

  22. During the Doll Sarah plotline, the first dialogue box when Sarah is naked is jumbled.

  23. For some reason, if you've enslaved Dr. Tiff and do the library scene with her (regardless if you went on Cassandra or Ms. Rack's route), when she says "Oh..." it'll always be the lowest possible affection (middle finger).
    Intentional or bug? Because that's been bothering me for a while...

    1. I have all three of those fixed now, working on trying to upload them.

  24. So, I'm curious how I pulled this one off:

    I enslaved Cassandra (willing slave). Put her in party slot 2, Sarah in slot 3. Wanted to see if the dungeon scenes would play out if she was a willing slave (turns out, it did. Was neat to find out).

    Started a new game because there was something I wanted to check on the Submissive plotline so I quickly went there and checked what I wanted.

    Loaded the first savefile (willing slave Cassandra).
    Ran around in the dungeon for a bit, got into an encounter...
    "Cassandra used Sting to harm Dan" (she was under no status effect).
    Me: ...Wait, what the hell? I noticed her HP was 115/140 so I used a Boost on her. Nothing strange.
    She got hit again and - again - attacked Dan (said something about it being a punishment; I wasn't paying much attention).

    Exited the dungeon, went to my room, tried milking her (worked as normal).
    Went back into the dungeon, got into another encounter, she lost some HP... And attacked me. Again.

    I somehow made her my willing slave but I'm also her slave.
    I am legit amazed at how I pull these things off.

    1. Since saving is hard coded into stencyl, and I get multiple save slots through a plugin, I have no way of messing with or bug checking the save system. D: It sounds like the variable for if you are Cassandra's slave did not update with the rest of the save file, but I do not know why that happened or how to prevent it from happening.

      If you want Cassandra to stop attacking you while you should not be her slave, try putting her in party slot 3; only the second party slot has the code for her punishment attacks since she is locked in the second slot while you are her slave.

    2. I solved it - I swapped the entire party out (Val in slot 2, Molly in slot 3), went to the dungeon for a short bit, swapped them back and she no longer attacked me.

  25. Two bugs to report:

    First, if you found the 12th floor note but not the 15th, Julia will say she heard nothing noteworthy yet.

    Second, for whatever reason, Grapple (on Ashley) counts as DESTRUCTIVE rather than PHYSICAL in terms of proficiency.
    Using Grapple with Dan/Rosa counts as Physical Proficiency (like it should).

    1. I have a fix for those uploading now. will probably be a few minutes to finish uploading.

  26. Yet another bug to note:

    Instead of PHYSICAL Proficiency, you get DESTRUCTIVE from Cassandra's "Grapple" spell.

    All other spells have given the correct Proficiency (will check "Annoy" on Cassandra shortly - it's the only spell I have yet to check up).

  27. I have a question about the Fire Imp in Sarah's mind:
    I did a cheatless Heroic Route run (a.k.a I had to actually grind my spells/levels) and noticed something off about them:
    When they spawn solo, they're worth 350 EXP. However, when they spawn in a set of two, they're worth 500 EXP total (so 250/each).
    Not sure if it's a bug or not.