Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alternate Costumes

Say there is a character who has spells you like to use in combat, but don't like the looks of. That can be a bit of a problem in an H Game. Well, what is the point in being an evil mind controller if you can't make a few changes to your slaves to make them more appealing? These changes will of course be there to enhance the character you are starting from though; not replace them outright. So, each alternate costume will be based mainly on the original character, with certain modifications. In addition to being able to change their appearance, certain changes may also have an influence on the target's personality.
So, I put together a couple alternate costumes for Val. If you just like girls with nice large assets; using the boost spell on characters in conversation will help them grow more to your liking. If they don't successfully resist anyway. If Val's upbeat personality bugs you on the other hand, the corruption spell will certainly change her tune. Since these will largely be based on spells you learn, this will mean you can unlock new ways to toy with your existing slaves as you progress through the game, rather than only being able to use your new spells on new slaves.

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