Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dr. Tiff Introduced, and new version coming soon.

Dr. Tiff is the Support Magic teacher in Adventure High, and is amongst the youngest faculty members. She also acts as the school's primary medical staff, since she is an expert in healing magic. So far, she has a flawless patient recovery record.

There is, however, just one.. little problem. Seeing someone suffering from an injury or illness tends to send her into a fit of rage! While few doubt her effectiveness, perhaps it might be doing the whole school a favor if you use your powers to improve her bedside manner?

In other related news, the next version of the game is currently available for Patrons and is ready for a public release on the 24th of this month. It will include an introduction to Dr. Tiff, some alternate costume dialogues for Val, and a few other improvements to the interface.

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