Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Alternate Cassandra

Thanks for the feedback on the last post. This is the first form that's had a lot of variables, so it's hard to guess blindly at what you guys would like to see. Here's a new version of Cowsandra based on some of that feedback.


  1. I MUCH PREFERRED seeing the botches on my skin than a dress.

    1. Hee, in the previous image, I had stated the reasons why I didn't prefer it (botches on skin vs clothing), but I'll state it again: the reason I prefer this over the other is because the spots/blotches look like birthmarks/injuries, and with how large, and many, there are, makes it look gross. -- I also gave some examples, just google images of scabs or birthmarks, and some of them are just horrendous. (This is also a warning. It's not my fault if you get nightmares/barf/etc if you do google them.)

      Anyways, I also posted on the post: New Character: Cassandra, suggestion players can choose how the character is customized, though I didn't specify properly, in-game.
      -- Maybe add some extra customization text for the transformation, such as:
      1. Aspects
      2. Breast
      3. Nothing

      1a. Grow horns/lose horns -- if it's a 'defining feature of the 'personality' replace it with one of the others.
      1b. Grow/lose tail
      1c. Grow/lose ears
      1d. Spots/no spots
      -- If there are only 3 available choices you could include tail/ears/horns with another choice, or take one of the choices out.

      2a. Enlarge/reduce Breasts
      2b. Increase/decrease number of breasts

    2. Edit: Forgot to mention -- cuz of stupid tocuh screen not working well with flash.

      I can see there being two ways to go about this. (My suggestion)
      1. After you select the 'personality', she/you'll ask how you want her to look, and giving you choices (like the ones above), setting that as the default, when you change her to that from now on, unless you change it.
      2. Once you change her, it'll be set to a default, but adding a new option when you talk to her again, labeled: 3. Transformation (maybe), and you'll be able to choose how you want her to look in that transformation.

    3. I can understand that, Yememai. I can probably have some amount of customizability; probably not so far as to allow you to pick and choose every feature as I would have to draw an entirely different avatar for each combination which would quickly inflate the file-size. I could probably do perhaps three variants; one with only the enlarged breasts and the dress and bell, one with the tail, horns, and ears added to it, then one with cow skin instead of the cow-dress with all the other features included.

      Does that sound alright?

    4. I was pretty much commenting on Alex's comment, of, "I MUCH PREFERRED seeing the botches on my skin than a dress.", as to explain the reasoning of why you had made a new picture.

      Anyways, I don't really mind, as it's your game. I'm only here to enjoy it, and give feedback/bug reports, though the choices are preferable to having only one picture that people may, or may not, like.

  2. That being said, the ears and tail are a good edition!

    1. Thanks. It's pretty likely that since different people have different preferences it might be impossible to have everyone 100% happy with the final form (especially in the case of one person liking a detail and another disliking it), but I am hoping to be able to get close enough compromise amongst the total features to be satisfying for everyone.