Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New character: Cassandra

Cassandra is mentioned in the current update in one scene. She will make her appearance in person in the next update.

Cassandra is one of the most promising students this year, and also Sarah's old team-mate. She specializes in Debilitating magic, and upon learning how in-demand her specialty is did not hesitate to dump Sarah in order to become more popular. She is seldom seen without an entourage of fans, and considers herself to be the most powerful student in the school.

Whether that is true, or a part of her over-inflated ego is up for debate.

Since she appears as an antagonist, I decided to go with some more humbling personality changes for if you decide to enslave her. One of her unique personalities is a maid, and the other a cow-girl with some horns and an extra pair of breasts as a couple physical changes to go with it.

I wasn't entirely sure what direction to go with her cow-features, since there are several styles (cow-pattern skin vs normal, horns vs no horns, single set of large breasts vs two sets) So, I picked more or less at random. If you happen to have any particularly strong feelings about the style, be sure to leave a comment or send me a message. If people greatly prefer certain features I can make adjustments before finishing the update.


  1. I think she needs more bovine traits if you're going for cow rather than 'demon' unless hiding them from others would be too much trouble for the protagonist.

  2. Hmm, if it's not too much trouble, how about letting the player decide? For me, personally, I'd rather have bigger breasts and maybe tail, ears & horns (Pretty much a holstaurus image). I saw the image with patterns, and they look like birthmarks or some injuries, but with how much there are, it's almost disgusting, to be honest; others may disagree though.

    Anyways, I think it may be a bad idea to make such physical changes though, since people will, more likely, notice, and question/interrogate/etc.