Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adventure High v0.19 Released

The public release of Adventure High v0.19 is now available. You can reach it by clicking on play now on the side bar on the right. Here's a list of what's new in this version:

- Combat experience gain is now stated in combat log, instead of on the top corner of the screen.
- Monsters now flee immediately in battle, awarding 50% EXP, if your level is high enough. 
- Added fast forward button for conversations
- 7 new scenes added for Heroic Plotline
- 2 new mental floors added
- 3 new monsters added 
- 1 new spell added for Sarah
- Fixed bug allowing early escape from Val's Mental Dungeon that would cause you to be unable to return to the dungeon.
- Fixed bug that prevented Test Hit from being cast.
- New character, Molly, introduced.
- Molly is able to be recruited into the party.
- 1 new spell added for Molly.
- 1 new scene on Student Control plot line added. 
- 1 new scene on Tempted Hero plot line added.
- Alternate enslavement sequence for Julia added. 
- Fixed Bedroom tutorial to display instructions on using the party menu properly. 
- Added Keyboard Controls to combat tutorial 
- Keyboard Controls for combat introduced.


  1. Slammed headfirst into a bug. While exploring Sarah's mindscape, in the second room, when the imp auto-flee due to my level, I get dumped back in the first room. When I managed to make it to the portal, I get dumped into the second floor of Val's mindscape. Kind of a pain, to be honest.

    1. Started over, went through the heroic path again, kept my levels low so the imps wouldn't flee, still had the kick-back issue and was still teleported to Val's Mindscape (complete with a repeat of the ultra demoman bossfight).

    2. When are we going to see more than just boobs?

    3. @Demise: Sorry about that. I have a fix for that and the other bugs in her mind uploaded.

      @Anon: All I can really say is eventually. I need to work on drawing the artwork for it before I can include it. I am trying to include more visual scenes though.

  2. How is Molly recruitable? I got the first scene and I know all the spells and have all the pages but I cant any other scene to trigger.

    1. You need to follow the heroic plot line, and avoid enslaving anyone, or altering Val or Sarah's personalities. Then, when attending Jane's private lesson, object to casting magic on Molly when the dialogue option appears.

  3. How do you unlock the Charm spell for Dan/Julia?

    1. The charm spell is a debilitating spell, so you need to cast other spells of that type (such as Suppression and Confusion). You can also increase your debilitating experience by attending Mr. Drape's secret class. The note for that class is on the 7th floor; the one that looks like a Christmas tree.

  4. hey Changer! Feeling fancy so I'm posting those 2 little bugs here instead of the MC game zone.

    - Heroic path, in Sarah's mind, the lines Val says get jumbled together. 2 boxes before ane says : "There seems to be a building made of fire to your north. you might want to check there first."

    - Slaver path. Cassandra does not heal between fights.

    1. Thanks, I have a fix for both of those uploading now.