Sunday, March 13, 2016

Patron beta for v0.21 starting today

I've just finished the last scene that will be in this new version. This one has a fair bit of content in a few different parts of the game. Including a new redemption plot-line that becomes an option, or an obstacle depending on the route you want to take.

Here's a full list of what's new in this version of the game.

- New redemption plot-line added. Val is released from your control automatically, and you will need to choose between releasing your other slaves or dealing with Dr. Tiff.
- New release sequences added for Ms. Rack, Cassandra, Julia, and Sarah.
- 3 new scenes added for Val, including two potential re-enslavement sequences.
- 1 new monster added
- 1 new floor added
- Added 1 new support spell for Cassandra
- New intel available from Julia on Dr. Tiff.
- 3 new scenes on Dr. Tiff's enslavement Route leading to her enslavement.
- 2 alternate scenes leading up towards Tiff's enslavement added, with a variation for each of Cassandra's personalities.
- Several scenes added to alternate Berserker plot involving Julia.
- 1 new enslavement sequence for Julia added.
- Ice Blade buffed to be on par with other 2nd level spells
- 2 new alternate scenes for berserker plot added.

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