Sunday, March 6, 2016

Making steady progress on 0.21

I've been making fairly quick progress on the new update. While I did hit a snag for almost a week with bug fixes I've still managed to get a fair bit done already, with a full week left before the Patron release. So, here's what I've got finshied so far on the Live Updates version of the game: - 1 new monster added - 1 new floor added - Added 1 new support spell for Cassandra - Fixed bug preventing last scene on alternate berserker plot from triggering. - 3 new scenes on Dr. Tiff's enslavement Route leading to her enslavement. - 2 alternate scenes leading up towards Tiff's enslavement added. - Added alternate enslavement sequences for Tiff's enslavement for each of Cassandra's personalities. - New intel available from Julia on Dr. Tiff. - Several scenes added to alternate Berserker plot involving Julia, leading up to Ashley joining the party. - 1 new enslavement sequence for Julia added. - Ice Blade buffed to be on par with other 2nd level spells


  1. the game crashes everytime i speak with sarah about "healing" her

    1. The dialogue pauses so you can cast the spell. The dialogue box should contain instructions on how to cast it.