Saturday, August 13, 2016

Adventure High 0.26 coming soon

With this update, I can't upload the files the way I have. I have a 24 Mb upload limit and the game is now 27 Mb large, so I'll have to switch from the play now page here, to using newgrounds. I'll be uploading a fresh version there on the 20th so be sure to vote on it so it gets visibility.

 Here's what's new in this version:

-All avatars now scaled up in size.
-3 new scenes for Ms. Rack added.
-Mass bimbofication ending added. (First non-failure ending)
-New image added to Ms. Rack's enslavement sequence for new graphics.
-New scene added to conclude Sarah's home plot.
-2 characters added, Erin and Eric and tutorial for the new Monster Tamer store added. The store becomes available after viewing the item store's tutorial.
-1 Monster hunting quest added.
-Magic Chakrams can be purchased in the item store after starting the first monster hunting quest.
-Magic Chakrams can be used to turn normal monsters into extra gems instead of EXP
-When entering the dungeon, you can now start at any sigil up to the last one you have found.


  1. yes im having difficulty getting brainwashed by that teacher in the heroic ending, no matter what, my "friends" keep coming to save me, even when im sure bad to them, any recogmendations.

    1. Easiest way, is to refuse to help Sarah when her arms are paralyzed so she attempts to get revenge in the street later. From there, all you need to do is not date her.

    2. thanks got it, any chance the brainwash scene will be expanded on in the future, also in 2 pannels the text overlaps in that scene making it hard to read.

    3. There will be other losing scenes where the main character is mind controlled; there are two during Ms. Rack's enslavement. This particular scene is meant to be fairly short though, as the ritual-like spell is extremely potent as demonstrated by how quickly it works.

      I'll have a fix for those line errors uploading in a few minutes.

    4. ah so no single image of seeing her as a perfect student, shame but good to hear about the lines getting fixed, overall its been a good game, keep up the good work.

    5. Ah, as far as an image goes, I may add a splash image later on down the line.