Sunday, August 14, 2016

Monster Taming and Magic Chakrams

The new monster taming mechanic is going to probably need tweaking as I get feedback so I thought I would make a post about how exactly it works.

When you use a Magic Chakram on a monster, the Chakram's enchantment gives it a random amount of power, between 1 and 100. Then, your own power times 3 is added to that. If the resulting number is greater than the remaining HP of the monster, the capture will be successful. 

If a capture is unsuccessful, the monster will break the Chakram and continue to fight. You only lose Chakrams if the capture is unsuccessful. Successful captures will not cause you to lose a Chakram. 


  1. I have to high a level when I go to try and catch the Slime so it runs away, and I can't catch it. :(

    1. You can turn off monster fleeing in the menu, which you can open by pressing Enter.