Sunday, October 23, 2016

Version 0.28 updates

I completely forgot to post what is new in this update. So, here's the list of new features in this latest version:

- 1 image added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement Sequence.
- Library scene added for Ashley if you take the punishment route in her plotline.
- 1 quest added to Monster Store
- 2 scenes added to Ms. Rack's lover plot.
- 1 scene added to Val's submission plot to finish it.
- 1 scene added for Erin
- 1 character added
- 1 new scene for Derrick added
- Julia avatars updated
- Ashley avatars updated


  1. How do you trigger the Derrick scene? Does it work if val and sarah are slaves, does it only work if youre reaching the floor the first time? I just can't get the scene to play.

    1. It should be in Ms. Rack's room, and should be available as long as Sarah and Val are both in their normal personalities even if they are enslaved. It should also be available at any point after you reach the fifth floor.

  2. I just wanted to tell you I wrote some lines on the Newgrounds version of your game. As it is some 10 thousands caracters long, I'm afraid it would just take a lot of place on this page for nothing. But I can copy/paste it in here if you want me too, I don't mind.

    This just is my opinion of your game, and a pack of some glitches I went through, and some questions I had or some incomprehension I had while playing

    I thank you for having made this game,

    1. Also, I just discovered that discovering the first note with Val charmed and Sarah in her Needy Form leads to no conversation at all, seeing Dan not talking and alone, having to press 0 3-4 times before ot ends

      By the way, I can't get to see the Val-Sarah-Cassandra all in Normal chatter, nor the Val charmed-Sarah normal, nor the Sarah charmed-Cassandra normal one... I still don't understand if they need to be the only enslaved ones for the first one or not but I guess not, as the other ones occured while I had more slaves...
      For the charmed ones, I don't know if they need to be enslaved AND charmed but I hope not, otherwise I'll have to do it all agaiin :p
      I LOVE the Val bimbo-Cassandra maid one it made me laugh so much!!

      You probably should write somewhere the combinations of people you need to group to have dialogs while finding notes, as I just discovered you can have one with Cassandra on Floor8's note :p

    2. Sorry I am kind of spamming right now...
      Just willing to say there still is the problem witrh Molly's AI not knowing what to do in Free will
      Also, it feels pretty funny for me to have Sarah asking me out and then while I'm on my way home, insulting me on the streets as I left her with the curse :p
      And if I enslaved Val before while being in her mind, with Sarah, it feels a bit weird to see Sarah being surprised to see Val enslaved
      Finally (I think, I still am playing right now to discover anything ^-^'), I am a bit sad to see that enslaving Sarah while she's upset about me after having asked me out just locks me out of dating her
      Okay, let's start a bit elsewhere : I enslaved Val while in her mind, I refused to heal Sarah, forgot to get Val back in team : finding the first note, I was alone, and after a few boxes, I could throw spell (I still was alone though), and conversation wouldn't stop before a few clicks though nothing seemed to happen
      I went through all the glitches I encountered and my own problems !!
      Your game is awesome thanks again ^^'
      Sorry about spamming...

    3. The scene at the first note between Sarah and Val requires Val to be normal, and not under the influence of the Charm spell. The Charm Spell makes the character either not question, or rationalize anything you do as fine, so Val would not get suspicious of Sarah's behavior.

      In the walkthrough, if a character needs to be enslaved, and have their normal personality, I refer to them as "normal name", while if they need to be in their slave personality I will call them "slave name".

      How did you manage to get 50 affection for Sarah to get her to ask you out, without ever entering the streets to trigger her revenge? I'll try to look into fixing that anachronism.

      In which scene did Sarah act surprised about Val being a slave? I gave her a "knowledge" variable for that so I must have missed it on that scene.

      I'll work on fixing the first scene so the variation where Dan/Rosa is alone or with other party members will play out properly.

      You aren't spamming though, don't worry. It's more useful to find out about bugs and problems than to have an empty comments page. :P

    4. I just hope I got correectly what you meant, if not sorry ^^'

      Well on the first note scene, as I just wanted to look for problems, I happened to see a few ones : If Sarah is Needy and Val charmed (through her mind through heroic plotline), the conversation just doesn't start, you see Dan on the screen but noone else though both girls are in active team, and no text either
      Also, if I had Sarah in my team but her being mad, had Val enslaved through mind but not in active part, there were 3 to 4 boxes empty I had to go through pressing 0 after the normal conversation with Sarah (supposedly still under the curse, but acting as if okay :p)

      Okay then I don't really se why I couldn't het those chats :p If it's a question of probabilities, I get my answer as for me a 20% changes itself in 1/20 :p

      I had her asking me out as I charmed her in her mind, but had refused to heal her just before that, so not having been through the rage yet :p (yeah I kinda like to go screwing everything up in details :p)

      In Sarah's "rage" scene, she happened to be surprised though she was with me when I had enslaved Val, and even try to prevent me from it (still in mind then). I refused to heal her after having enslaved Val also

      Well then I let you know I'll probably try even harder to find details ;-) Ya asked for it ! :p

    5. Wow I didn't know the thing about Sarah's sexual preference being altered by charm ! It's brilliant!! I just thought I encountered a bug as your walkthrough mentionned you couldn't date her while being Rosa :p

      If you need anything about my text on Newgrounds (if I wasn't clear on what led me to it), you can do it here, I'm not sure there's a Reply thing on Newgrounds for players :p

      I would love to actually have the answer about Drape, meaning if it's a he or a she as I believed in Mass Bimbofication ending ^^'

    6. Well, it's good that those anachronisms occurred as a result of deliberately sequence breaking, as that means typical players wouldn't encounter them. I'll work on fixing them though.

      All of the current slave chatter scenes have been tested, the problem with random chance, though, is that it can potentially take a lot more tries than probability says due to the gambler's fallacy.

      Mr. Drape is male, however, the mass bimbofication ending results in everyone in town being transformed into bimbos, regardless of their original sex or mental ability.

    7. Yeah that's a way for me to have fun, just to see what the limits of the game actually are :p
      It is even funnier now that I can tell the(... GM?)... person who made it what anachronisms can be made in the game ^^

      Okay so it's a matter of chance, so now I understand why I could see only like 4 out of 7... Mah, I don't care, the 4 I saw were awesome (especially with Bimbo-maid, I claim it ! ;p)

      Okya that was what I thought but as he, by then, was the only male character, I diddn't happen to see a Derrick nor Eric as female, which got me into the trap :p

    8. Yeah, the reason Derrick and Eric were left out was because the scene was written before I had added either of them to the game. I just picked several random characters from the current roster to include in the final scene.

    9. Well you did one amazing job for that game! i'll be sure to actually pay attention to the further upgrades you implement in it ^^

      If you ever need one twisted mind to try and break your game or to check the possibilities of going into anachronism, don't hesitate, I'd be extremely pleased to help ^^

  3. I'm new to this game, how do you get the flirt spell.I know that you use spells (and secret lessons) to unlock new spells, so do I use suppression or boost?

    1. Flirt is a support spell, so you will need to find the note for the support magic secret class to get your first support spell. Julia in the library can help you find which floor each note is on.

  4. Actually I will start here to talk about 0.29 version as i've spent quite a few times playing on it already. Still, I love the game and every changes you make in it!
    I don't know if I just noticed it or if it was just added but the last part of intro with pressing Enter to change your team is great and well done

    I love the new spell and it's class with Jane and its game over too (will be talking again about it), but I seem to loose it after quite a few battles everytime and have to re-unlock it afterwards, and don't know yet if it's normal or not

    Also, I wanted to know if the spell purposedly didn't happen to be seen before unlocking Grapple (I mean the case appears as if no spell was here until you unlock the previous one)

    And WOW, was Sarah's "ultimate" already on the game before? 'Cause my, what a destructiive power !! *-*

    I am glad also that in Free Will some characters will sleep and not go to fight until they actually are with negative stamina, but I'm sad to see Sarah still doesn't (though I guess it's normal, looking at her behavior)

    I can't managed to find what triggers the Game Over with transformation as I couldn't do it more than once.
    I can't find either what has to be done to trigger the class with Jane on this subject, I guess you have not to be on heroic plotlane, but can't find what the requirements are

    Also when I just died, the game started loading one save which had nothing to do with what I had (went from Dan lv16 with heroic plotlane to Rosa lv6 about to wake Sarah up from doll with all the slaves yet in the room :p), so i guess it just is because it loads the save with the most levelled up character

    One last thing before my conclusion (wow that sentence...) : when having been through game over with Transfo, the game says it loads just before that part of the game, but I couldn't trigger the game over again, which I was sad off as I had skipped a screen unpurposeddly :'(

    Your game is awesome and I am looking both for your next walkthrough and other upgrades of this game, YOU ROCK!! *-*

    1. Okay my bad actually I got how this game over works :p

      But if still have one thing to say. When looking like Molly, you can actually take the monster hunter quest but not giving it back, which is weird to me

    2. I found the problem with the transform spell disappearing; I had the proficiency modifier in the flirt spell set wrong so it changed physical proficiency to support proficiency. I'll have a fix uploading soon.

      Sarah just had a couple spells added this update.

      Game overs with the transformation class depend on who you talk to. Pushy/forceful characters, or characters made to have pushy/forceful personalities will cause your character to become more like Molly, while friendly characters and personalities cause your character to return to who they naturally are.

      The game is supposed to load the save you used most recently. I'm not sure why it would end up using the wrong save; I'll have to look into it.

      I'll fix the thing with taking the monster quest as Molly; I must have missed that when setting all the locations up to not allow you to start normal conversations while transformed.

  5. Replies
    1. I don't know how I keep forgetting to post the changelog. xD Here's what's new in this version:

      - 1 image added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement Sequence.
      - Updated Avatar for Molly added
      - Updated avatar for Cassandra added
      - 1 spell added for Dan/Rosa
      - 2 scenes added for Julia
      - 2 spells added for Sarah, plus an alternate version of each spell for if she has done her home plot.
      - 1 spell added for Ashley
      - 1 scene added to Jane's private lessons
      - Transformation spell lesson added to all paths
      - 4 scenes added to Transformation spell subplot
      - Animating Doll Sarah during the Transformation spell subplot triggers alternate scene now