Thursday, November 24, 2016

New features in Version 0.29

Bit late posting this again; somehow I keep forgetting to make the new features post. Anyways, here's what's new in the 0.29 version of the game. - 1 image added to Ms. Rack's Enslavement Sequence. - Updated Avatar for Molly added - Updated avatar for Cassandra added - 1 spell added for Dan/Rosa - 2 scenes added for Julia - 2 spells added for Sarah, plus an alternate version of each spell for if she has done her home plot. - 1 spell added for Ashley - 1 scene added to Jane's private lessons - Transformation spell lesson added to all paths - 4 scenes added to Transformation spell subplot - Animating Doll Sarah during the Transformation spell subplot triggers alternate scene now


  1. Okay sorry this message currently is uncomplete but will soon be followed by an other one as soon as I completed my research! I just find something that made the game stop reacting and though you would like to see it ASAP and then make a corrective if something has to be corrected : (problem is last paragraph, but the rest is for next message sorry just copy pasting what I wrote)

    Can't take Jane no matter what, nor Molly on that scene (though i respect the walkthrough, can't find what i did that was wrong)

    Sarah (after : "I do know a healing spell"; Boost; changed her into a statue when she asked for doll (my bad...); went for conversation with her : "Cool blue lake"; "ask her about the lake"; went in her house, claimed her Mom, Explained her what happened without showing her her mom). Since then : Couldn't see her in ANY conversation (until I got in her mind, 'cause yeah I still hadn't started any paths...), and could actually control her movements. Which leads me to a question : what has to be done to be able to command someone?

    Dan doesn't recognize the house though he's been there already, nor the monster that killed him OS :p

    Then : Dan doesn't know he actually knows when a teammate learns a new spell : I control Sarah, she didn't learn new spells ok ==> Checking to be done
    He says his team does whatever they want ==> Not true, he controls Sarah!

    I got the game to stop doing anything : asked Sarah (after conditions just up there), floor 10 to throw her lightning spell on Sprout but couldn't click, game stopped reacting from there

    1. Didn't add much, but still, I paste the rest of my 'research'

      Can't take Jane no matter what, nor Molly on that scene

      Sarah (after having gone for : I do know a healing spell; Boost; changed her into a statue when she asked for doll (my bad...); went for conversation with her : Cool blue lake; ask her about the lake; went in her house, claimed her Mom, Explained her what happened without showing her her mom). Since then : Couldn't see her in ANY conversation (until I got in her mind, 'cause yeah I still hadn't started any paths...), and could actually control her movements. Which leads me to a question : what has to be done to be able to command someone?

      Dan doesn't recognize the house though he's been there already, nor the monster that killed him OS :p

      Then : Dan doesn't know he actually knows when a teammate learns a new spell : I control Sarah, she didn't learn new spells ok ==> Even if Sarah learns new spells while I controlled (without enslaving, with house and stuff) her, Dan seems not to know about it. I guess it's because I didn't enslave anyone
      He says his team does whatever they want ==> Not true, he controls Sarah!

      I got the game to stop doing anything : asked Sarah (after conditions just up there), floor 10 to throw her lightning spell on Sprout but couldn't click, game stopped from there

      Wait I just realized : how the f*ck was I able to change her into stone if not having had the first class of Jane (as I hadn't started any path)....? Okay must be a mistake from me, must have done that in some previous game to check what it did before finding those 'problems'
      Well nop I'm right, I can actually turn Sarah into a doll without Jane's classes. Oooooh I got it you talked about the secret classes with notes?? Well no, reading it it's written "private lessons" so... either I found a bug, or you changed it without noting it in the Walkthrough ^^'

      Sarah asking me out in the street after having been turned into stone teleports me to class

      With Sarah and Val enslaved but only Val in team : 1st note leads to a bug in text, 2 texts are on each other

      Simple questio : I prefer to post here to show your followers that you actually take what we all say in consideration, and you are working to make the game perfect (it is close from now I think), but do you want me to make my 'reports' (can't find the english word for it) in here or to private message you on Newgrounds or something?

    2. Posting here is usually faster; Newgrounds for some reason doesn't send me an email alert for a new PM until 24 hours after the PM arived, whereas the blog here sends an email immediately. Anyways, I'm about to head into town so I'll reply again when I get back to address your questions specifically and fix the bugs you mentioned.

    3. In which scene can you not take Jane or Molly? And what did you do on the way there?

      Dan not recognizing the house is intentional. Even if you are on the heroic path, bear in mind that the first time you see the house inside of Sarah's mind, it is literally made out of fire. So, it looks very different in person.

      I'm not sure what you mean about knowing or not knowing spells and controlling Sarah without enslaving her. I'm going to attempt to guess that you mean in combat? If you are not enslaving characters, you are able to tell them what to do if they trust you enough. You aren't controlling them, so much as giving instructions to them in that case.

      The timing of the stone skin scene is a bit awkward, which is why I said the first private class. Technically, you unlock it just before being able to attend that class rather than afterwards but it's easier to point to a scene to watch for than to say that they can do it just before a scene they might not know the timing of.

      I checked and somehow a chunk of the world "lightning" in the spell code got truncated, causing it to just say L. I'm going to assume that to be a weird bug and not a sign that L is haunting me. I'll have that fix uploading soon.

      The first note is a complicated mess... probably a result of being programmed rather early on before I made a system for sorting all possibilities out. I think I have that issue fixed though hopefully. I'll be uploading it soon.

      Anyways, thanks for the bug reports.

    4. Sorry I just realized it wasn't really clear from time to time...
      When changed into Jane (in her class for last private lesson) : She said I has to aim for my target, so I changed into her. Then I immediately casted confusion. I went back to the class as soon as they leaved, and still the only thing it does is that I use chakram on both of them. I did it while having finished heroic path, after having finished faculty control path, but I always end up with them being 'captured' and not enslaved. Maybe I got it wrong and you can't actually enslave them so no problem then :p
      Oh I also tried to cast on Suppression after confusion like at every screen :p

      Ooooooooh sounds so much clearer now sorry!

      yeah wasn't clear on that. Here is what I meant: On Jane private class about charm, Dan (Rosa too I guess) is surprised about the teacher knowing about his powers. If he had someone enslaved and learning a power, he actually answers "I...Just know?" or something like that when Jane asks him "How do you know when a member of your team learns a new spell without telling you?" (still not sure of the phrasing). If he didn't enslave anyone, he answers he doesn't know, and that his teammates do whatever they want. But I had Sarah to trust me enough for me to give her orders, and she learnt a new spell while I 'commanded' her. Therefore the protagonist should be answering the "I....Just know?" sentence.
      But in reality, he doesn't and acts as if he hadn't seen one of his teammates learning a new spell while that character trusted him well enough to be controlled in combat. I guess your code means the protagonist has to have enslaved a person and to have seen that person learning a spell for the sentence "I...just know?" to be used.
      Yeah really that's nothing

      Really? That's how it worked? Weird, I'm not sure I could actually attend to that class. I mean, I wasn't on any path yet, hadn't control anyone, had all my spells already, had all the notes, went to all the notes-classes, but didn't have any slave. Therefore, Val was under the curse but still in team, Sarah had all her spells but for Bubble one (I think, not sure), but I hadn't done ANY class with Jane yet... Do you mean you have to technically be able to have that class then? Like to have all the powers needed to do the class and have either 3 slaves or one person cursed by Drape?
      Otherwise I clearly will have to get an eye in the game again to be able to clearly specify what I did to you

      Not sure I got the joke ^^' What kind of problems did you encounter with L?

      Thanks a lot for everything you do for the game ^^

      Well I just enjoy finding everything I can that doesn't work as intended, but that's the first time I can actually talk the GM about it so I think that as normal. I mean, you must have your eyes in your code while making the game, not letting much time to actually play it to check if it's alright. I guess you do it every time you actually add one scene or something, but you don't have that tricky mind like me, that makes you check all the details and combinations possible, even the impossible ones to get normally :p

    5. Last question about those bug reports I do: I prefered posting them on that subsection as I assumed fewer people would actually come here, but do you want me to post them on some other subsection, like a previous version or something?

    6. Question about the game this time. Is there a way to meet Cassandra using ink bomb on her or will there be one?

      Is there a way Julia trusts us so we don't break Ashley? Or just for her to tell us? 'Cause I saw she could actually have a lot of affection towards the character, but I coudn't find a way for her to actually talk :'(

      Oh oh oh!! Will it be possible for Sarah's ghost mom to join Ashley's body when her mind got broken??

      And will we be able to actually have Molly or Jen's abilities when changing into one of them? I thought that was supposed to happen, otherwise that means Dan can still know who he is so... Yap :p

      One last bug I just thought of! When throwking Transformation while in battle, you can act again whenever you want, even if you're not supposed to as energy is like 300. So you can change either 3165161133165 times a second (what I do), or transforme and attack immediately after that. So you can actually have the effects of transformation (though I don't really get what they are), and attack in the same time

      Sorry for this other block...

    7. You got a message on March 8, 2016 at 9:36 AM; in the page "Walkthrough for 0.20 Version" (not the right words I know), And I think it would be a pretty great idea to do so if you can.
      But also it would be awesome to like have some sorts of titles which will just lead you to reach that part of the walkthrough just by clicking on the title, as it, I guess, can be pretty hard to find one particular thing in the Walkthrough without knowing where it is

      Oh yeah the message that person wrote was like to get a Spoiler Tag to actually prevent people from being like 'I can control Cassandra? Wait, who's that?' or something maybe more relevant :p

    8. That path is not yet complete; capturing them with the Chakram is the latest point in the plotline. In the next update I am planning to include some more scenes to wrap that path up and confirm Jane and Molly to be slaves.

      Unfortunately, at the moment I haven't come up with a good way to check if you can control anyone via trust without going the long and tedious way of having the game check every character's trust stat one by one, and then the scene would break every time I added a new character and forgot to update the code in that scene to match. I'll probably fix it later when I have all the characters there will be in the game.

      The scene where she asks about the stone skin spell and you can turn her to stone or plastic is just the first step in the sequence. The next step requires you to advance the main plot in one of the plotlines. For subplots, I try to list the ultimate prerequisites rather than the individual ones for each scene.

      It's a deathnote reference. There is a character named L in the series.

      For the most part, I haven't been able to bug test much myself. The game has gotten to be so large, it often takes half an hour or more to compile, which adds up quickly. So, I mostly try to do one or two sweeping tests after finishing several features rather than checking everything every time I add something.

      I'm not particular about where you post them. I get an email alert for any comment on the blog on any page, so I'm able to see it wherever you post it.

      There may be a way to meet Cassandra via ink bomb later. You can't do it at the moment, however.

      There will be a way to make Julia trust you enough not to betray you, and eventually ask for your help directly. She has not yet reached that point in her personal plotline though.

      I am planning to add more instances of using the possession spell on other characters.

      While transformed into a human, your spells can change, but also may not. It depends on how in-control of the empathic link you are. Incidentally, that is why Jane can't tell immediately the difference between the main character and Molly via their spells, because the empathic link messes with it.

      I'll try to look into what is causing the transform spell not to end your turn. I started on the new update so that fix will probably be in that one.

      The thing about spoilers in a game like this is, it's hard to really know what is a spoiler. I mean, in a normal game it might be a spoiler to know that a character named Cassandra gets enslaved. But, in this game you already know that every character will be able to be enslaved, often in multiple ways.

      I did, however, set the order of the walkthrough to minimize spoilers. The main plotline is first, so you can hit that if you want to follow along but not see any spoilers. Then how to enslave characters is next, then at the end are specific interesting side-plots. I assume if you are reading the side-plots section at the bottom you aren't that concerned about being spoiled.

  2. Wow this conversation somehow is hard to follow sometimes as I realize I just kinda threw a hundred messages at once :p
    Nevermind I keep going ^^

    I thought from the walkthrough you actually could enslave them sorry for that I got it now ^^

    Wouldn't it be possible to have like all the Affection gathered or something like the higher one gets a special number which will then be checked at that time, and if it reaches the conditions, it triggers the right answer?
    As I don't really understand myself from reading it, I mean:
    The higher Affection is being set to a variable, that will be the only one checked at that time. I guess it also has to be only about people you can have in your party, then it turns out to be a mess... Okay never mind it actually is perfect that way! Clearly I'm the only one who's gonna buy trust potions to be able to see the game and be like 'Ha! I beat you! One error found in 321651513 hours of game! Damn...' :p

    Okay got it, can't understand why I didn't think about that from reading the walkthrough.

    Oooooh thanks for the knowledge!

    But do you mind having the first few pages like that? I mean, for the next month people will probably use that one page, so... I just here am trying to make sure what I do doesn't just come by onto you in a negative way :)

    For the 3 next paragraphs you wrote: I'm glad you already thought about everything I had in mind, though a bit sad my ideas don't help :ppp

    Well then there must be something I didn't understand... Just before the game over on Transformation, I went into the dungeon to check my spells and well, they were alright, I think...

    Wow you already are working on the next update? Oh my!

    Yeah looking things that way, spoiler wouldn't prove itself useful... I actually was trying to figure out what some random person would think seeing the Walkthrough of like Version 1, but you are right. It's true when I first looked at it I went pretty easily where I wanted to. Right now I actually know most of the Walkthrough and most of the game I think (Still didn't do Redemption path though... :p) ^^'

    At last, I didn't get quite well who you had to be transformed in between Molly and Jane to wake Doll-Sarah up and trigger the special scene...
    Well now it's last I think!: I just discovered the Grapple-Slavering way for Julia and Sarah and wooooow I was so amazed! Will there be more for like Val or maybe Erin (like as I think I understood you were planning to add more to her subplot, and maybe a few things with monsters, I was wondering if, as she clearly is more into monsters than anything, the only way for character to have sex with her would be to use that spell) ^^'

    1. I just wondered: is Bear Claw really unbeatable?
      Which is why I currently am upgrading one character to see: 1. Is there a maximum in levels? 2.Can you reach the Million in Exp required? 3.How powerful is the character at lv 99+
      So that leads me to a few things: 1. That Action thing is going right now way under the 1 Million (When I'm writing this : -1 618 622; When I'm done writing the message: -1 669 622) but as when using a spell you go back to normal way, I don't think there's a problem. 2. How did you set the Exp required? Level 49 I'm in need of 337 722 Exp and it's not the beginning of the level :p 3. Clearly, there should be a balance between your level and monsters' one to manage the Exp given... I mean I currently run toward a wall (when clicking an arrow then off the screen on Newgrounds, the game keeps thinking you press the arrow), where monsters come to attack and flee directly, and as I am Floor 13, I have 1100 to 1200 Exp a fight, so about 1000 every 10 seconds 4. Were you mad at flowers from Floor 10 to 13? :p Na just kidding for that one, I just am tired :p

      If Bear Claw has a real number of Hp, clearly, I'm going to beat him, and make my game crash :p
      Is he really invulnerable to debilitating spells or is there a way I suddenly cast confusion on him with sucess which would insta-kill him?

    2. Well, they become your slaves at the end of that path; it's just that you don't use Suppression to do it.

      It's trust, not affection that affects control in battle; comparing the variables though is difficult. There is no command for "largest of these variables" so I'd have to do a mess of comparing two at a time until I get a winner, and then would have to re-program it every time I added a new character.

      I imagine most people don't read all the comments, and just skip to the bottom if they need to write something. Or if they do read all the comments it's because they like to. So, it shouldn't be a bother to anyone for you to post bugs in comments.

      At this part of the transformation plot, Dan/Rosa does not have good control of the empathic link and is "unstable" which is why talking to different characters can push you between staying as Dan/Rosa or becoming Molly. I might have your current form affect the combat menu that pops up later, but at the moment it's still the same.

      Yeah, I try to have every update finished by the 13th for the patron release.

      You actually get a special scene with Doll Sarah for both Molly and Jane's forms.

      Yeah, I have plans to include Grapple in more scenes. Mostly I need to get artwork drawn for them first before I can.

      And this next bit replies to your other reply

      Bear Claw is effectively unbeatable; it has one million HP, 700 Def and 8000 atk. I am planning to reduce it's stats later on when I have an alternate route written.

      1: There is no maximum level, but eventually the amount of EXP needed to grow a level compared to the stat gains will create a sort of soft cap on character growth.

      2: You can reach as high EXP as you want. I do not know if flash has a value amount that causes overflow though.

      3: Hard to say, stat gains are simi-random with different characters favoring specific stats. by lvl 99, you could end up with radically different stats on the same character in two different games.

      1: Spells when cast set delay to a specific amount, rather than adding to delay, so negative delay doesn't cause weird things to happen.

      2: EXP required when leveling up is the old requirement times 1.2

      3: Monster fleeing gives half EXP. Once more floors are added, it is more effective to fight stronger monsters than it is to make weaker monsters flee.

      4: I try to make a theme for monsters every few floors, to represent a sort of pseudo ecosystem where certain similar monsters thrive in different areas.

      He is not invulnerable to status ailments, but with 700 Def, your odds of landing confusion is very slim, and he would likely shake it off before his turn. Also, with 1 million HP compared to 8000 atk, he would not kill himself off.

      Incidentally, would you be interested in testing the live version of the game? It would probably speed up updates considerably to find out about bugs as soon as they occur compared to waiting a couple weeks for them all to be found randomly. If you send me a PM over on Newgrounds I can send you a link to the live version of the game there.

    3. Okay now I clearly don't understand unfortunately... When being under the chakram they're not slaves right? Otherwise I have a problem as I don't see any of them anywhere anymore... Wait I didn't try the shop after that... will be done tomorrow morning (which will be tonight for you I guess)

      Yeah I just mixed things up between both when talking about it :p
      Okay that would clearly be a bad idea... Maybe is there a way to check like 'Is there a 60+ (I don't know what it actually is supposed to be above) Trust stat'?

      Well then I guess I'm the only one :p

      Okay it's the same right now, I was afraid I just looked bad at it and was blind

      Wow that's pretty early then, especially with all the things you add every month!

      I gotta get both!! *-*
      I knew somehow it would be the artwork being a problem for you :p ^^''

      One Million HP???? Eight thousand attack???? Oh my, this computer's gonna keep going for a year before I can find a way to beat him.... Currently level 50 with 1156 in physical power and 767 HP.... Ouch it's gonna hurt :p

      So that means the needed number of Exp can go way beyond the space given, fun!! :p

      Random... Crap! This must be why I feel like nothing really changed for 2-3 levels... :'(

      I saw that but I am going to reach a point where my Act will be so negative it actually is going to jump out of the space given for it :p

      Yeah but you know half Exp is too much to me. Like lv3 killing a Blue Footed Boobie will grand some 150 Exp, and just getting to lv11 and running against a wall in Floor 5 will give you as much every 10 seconds or so as they flee... It's like character keeps learning while sitting in the dungeon and like reading a book

      Don't worry that one thing really is fun for me, I love your monsters too!

      My debilitating currently is 246.... Clearly I'm way under his Defense, so I guess there's no way doing it... :p

      I would love to, but isn't it supposed to be for 3$+ on Patreon? That wouldn't be that fair for those who.... I'd love to!
      Nah truly I was going to make the necessary gift on Christmas or so (well after my exams anyway ^^') 'cause I love that game, clearly you've worked hard on it, and I'm not sure Newgrounds gives you like 1% of what they win for advertising ^^'
      But clearly if you "don't mind" receiving the gift like a month later, it would be an opportunity for me to do so!

    4. The modified Chakram does enslave them. They won't appear anywhere in this version though. That path is currently incomplete. In the next version you will find them in your bedroom to continue the plot.

      That is what I had said I would probably have to do, unfortunately, that would also break every time I added a new character.

      Yeah, my update cycle is that I finish on the 13th, publicly release on the 20th, and then as soon as it looks like most of the bugs are gone I start working on the next update.

      Yeah, I figured someone would try to beat the monster before I was ready for them to, so I gave it some exceptionally high stats to avoid it. Didn't program a 'can't lose' script though because I plan on making it beat-able later and don't want to forget to disable it.

      Possibly; if the numbers get too big, I can program it to divide the number by 1000 and then throw a K at the end of it.

      I have a fix for the transform spell in the next update so it shouldn't be too big a deal at this point.

      Bear in mind also that you grow by casting spells. So, if you grind EXP on monsters fleeing, you miss out on spell proficiency.

      I don't think it would be a problem. You would be helping the game's development in a tangible way. Just send me a PM on Newgrounds so I can be sure I'm sending the link to the right person. (I'm 90% sure I know who you are on there, but better to get it right the first time.)

    5. Okay I finally got it! Of course, it looks so much obvious now, thinking about what the chakram did to monsters :p

      Crap that sounds like it's would be really hard to do so, better keep it that way then, it clearly is really nice

      But how can you find the time to add like an image a month + the new texts and things? 'Cause I'm almost sure you added an image at every update for the last few months, and that looks like it takes a lot of time...

      Naaah, no one would ever try to do so, that would be stupid, I don't know anyone stupid enough to be like 'unwinnable? Meh'... :p

      That would be a good idea to just divide by a 1000, but you can often find like a few hundreds and dozens Exp required, and I am afraid it would just show like 3516.125k or something. Maybe just not showing the 3 last numbers?

      Um... Couldn't find out from reading above: the fix for transform spell concerns the fact that though you're action is 300, you can still throw spells?

      Crap! Should have thought of that! Which must be why I earned 34 hp in 3 lvl, and no other stats (nothing in physic and debilitating actually)... ;'(

      Doing it right now!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. When using the bug with Transform spell: Makes most of your spells disappear until it's your turn. Disappearing ones are: Either debilitating spells alone, either every spell but the debilitating ones and the Transform spell (in that case, they don't just disappear, but appear more transparent)

      Crap I just died and returned to lv 29 and 1100 physical power...

    8. I guess I work pretty quickly. xD During the time I can't code, I tend to work on drawing a scene to include. I usually get about 2 weeks to work on the code each cycle depending on how long it takes for the bugs to mostly get under control.

      Well, I would do a floor of the number divided by 1000, so it would truncate the number.

      The fix for the transformation spell is in the live updates at the moment. I had already started on the new update when you reported the bug, so I fixed it there. It'll be fixed in the public version with the new update.

      Proficiency only increases by casting spells of the required type. So, growing levels won't increase your physical or debilitating proficiencies. Leveling up increases your HP, Speed, Power, Defense, and Stamina.

      The transform spell's problem was that it didn't end the turn properly, which can cause issues with the menu as well. Hopefully the fix I put in will make it work properly in that regard as well.

    9. When you see that some people take a few months to make like half the things you do in 2 weeks... Yeah you're pretty fast :p

      But that means killing ennemies giving live 75 Hp when fleeing would make a problem?

      I actually am glad you couldn't fiw the problem with Transformation spell yet, 'cause I will probably be able to kill that bear claw if I rape my 0 button :p

      Just one thing I don't really understand: Is Defense related to all branches or just to debilitating or Physical or something else? Do monsters have resistences to a special kind of magic?

    10. "floor of" in this context is a math thing; it means when the calculation is done, it rounds the number down. So, the decimals would be hidden in the display.

      Casting transform repeatedly wouldn't do anything to help you win that fight. All it does is reduce your threat in half, so enemies are less likely to choose you to attack. Proficiency doesn't affect spell power; it only affects your ability to learn new spells.

      Defense is related to resisting status ailments, and destructive magic. Physical magic bypasses defense entirely. Whether physical or destructive magic is better depends on if the monster defends it's self with a large HP pool, or with a high Def stat. Monsters are able to be resistant to entire types of spells, or can be resistant to traits a spell has.

    11. Okay thanks for teaching me English too ^^' :p

      The Physical 22000 doesn't change anything about the power of my physical spell? Then it's just the Power stat that will? Crap...

      Okay I know perfectly got it! I won't be able to take that bear down... :p

    12. Yeah, power represents the force with which you can cast spells, while proficiency represents the skill with which you can use that kind of magic. Higher skill means better spells, while higher power means the same spells become stronger.

    13. So while having all the powers, Exp is the only thing that will make you stronger?