Friday, January 13, 2017

Adventure High 0.31 complete

I just finished the 0.31 update for Adventure high. It is available now for patrons (If you want to access it now, you can become a patron here: ) and will be released publicly on the 20th of this month.

 Here's whats new in this version of the game:
- 2 updated drawings added to Mass Bimbo ending.
- Intro screen updated.
- Menu redesigned.
- HP now persistent between battle.
- Can now cast magic from menu, only Boost for now.
- 1 scene added for Erin, with splash image.
- Erin now enslavable.
- Erin Avatar updated.
- Molly's updated alternate forms added.
- Updated art added to Dr. Tiff's enslavement.
- Sex change potion added to store.
- Health potion added to store, and can be used from menu.
- Items can now be used by party members under direct control.
- Item Store is now available once you reach the 4th floor of the dungeon, instead of after Jane's second lesson.
- Erin Personality Change sequences added.


  1. Nice. Can't wait to add Erin to the harem.

  2. How do you add Erin to the harem?

    1. I have the instructions added to the walkthrough on the side bar. It will be in the 'individual enslavements' section.

    2. I see an issue. When you try to enslave her, the background is still the back of the store and not his house.;)

  3. Oh please please please add an enslavement for Eric next, this game needs more variety in the genital department, and grapple, definitely more grapple ;)

    1. As a general rule, every character that has an avatar will be enslavable. I'm not sure when Eric's turn will come around but it will happen. There will also be more grapple scenes; probably at least one for each character.