Friday, January 13, 2017

New art from Marc Ledesma

So, I spent the last few weeks working on finding a new artist to add to the team so we can produce more work each month and get bigger updates. That artist is Marc Ledesma. Our goal will be to have Marc's work match Caveman Doodles' quality and style as closely as possible so that the game continues to have a coherent feel to it as they both work on new splash images.

There might be some deviations, but hopefully they will be small enough to avoid breaking immersion. Feel free though to leave your feedback so that we can continue to make the game better. Here's the first new piece of art that will be included in the next update:


  1. looks really good, cant wait to see more

  2. Her left leg's thigh area looks like another joint. I know it's supposed to be her butt, but it doesn't really work. The face could also use a few tweaks. Other than that, it's ok. But hey, I can't draw, so use whatever art you feel like using. I follow the game mostly for plot anyways.

    1. Ah, yeah I see the problem. The way the skirt folds around the leg seems to make the leg's angle appear to turn downwards more sharply than it is. Now that you mention it though, I can't un-see it. xD