Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Updates for Adventure High 0.37

I have version 0.37 of Adventure High finished and released to patrons now. This update includes a ton of new H-Scenes. Here's what's new in this version:

- Play scene with Mindless Julia added.
- Play scene with Slutty Julia added.
- Play scene with Normal Julia added.
- Play scene with Fanatic Julia added.
- Alternate scene added to Mindless Sarah Library scene during Submissive Plotline.
- New background for School Hall added.
- Grapple Enslavement for Cassandra added to normal victory in duel
- Play scene with Ashley and Julia added. (Ashley must be a slave, not simply captured. So, currently only the mind-break option is available for this)
- Play scene with Normal Val added.
- Art for Derrick updated
- Keyboard Navigation added. Arrows now respond to their matching number on the keyboard.
- Icon setup changed to prevent random empty spaces from appearing.
- Play Scene with Goth Val added.
- Play scene with Mindless Val added
- Play scene with Bimbo Val added
- New monster taming quest added
- 3 spells for Val added
- Alternate Bad Ending to Mass Bimbofication ending added if you do it twice in a row.
- Backgrounds for all 4 classrooms updated.
- Play scene for Tough Sarah added.
- Play scene for Needy Sarah added.


  1. "Alternate Bad Ending to Mass Bimbofication ending added if you do it twice in a row."
    So wait, if I do NG > Mass Bimbofication > NG+ > Mass Bimboficiation, that leads to a Bad End?

    1. Yeah. It'll make sense when you do it. :P

    2. Oh, I didn't doubt that.
      I was just curious so I had understood what you meant right.

    3. Yeah, you understood it right. :)

    4. reminds me of a bad Spanish joke about sandwitches with too much bread (Bimbo being a commond sliced bread brand)

  2. >12 "play" scenes
    Where's the "plug" to make Windows plug and play jokes?
    >grapple scene for Cassandra
    Ah, here.

  3. Will you eventually be able to conquer Derrick?

    1. Eventually, yeah. I've been working on getting all the play scenes done for existing slaves in the last couple updates.

  4. Saw Funtime Sarah has another scene, will this be included in the public update?

    1. Not on this one, unfortunately. I didn't have enough time after getting the art to write the scene for it. It will be in the next update.

    2. Take your time, Doug.
      Also, teacher play time when? (I know, I know, "when there's art for it". Just asking if it's high or low in the priority queue).

      (Also, I hope there'll eventually gonna be some MC/Rack/Tiff threesome in store - given the latter two's backstory)

    3. The problem is, I don't know when Roku will finish the rest of the mysterious stalker's art, and she needs to finish that before she can start on the teacher's art. She started working on a webcomic and so has not been working on the game art very much lately.

    4. this one

  5. Im probably just being stupid and not reading enough of the blog but when will this update be live? is there a specific date or is it out on a website i dont know about

    1. I forgot to put notify me on my last message so if you happen to answer please put it on this comment

    2. Usually the 20th of each month - always one week after each patreon release (those are usually the 13th of each month).

      You're not being as stupid as you think, answer to your question is buried in the comments of older releases.

    3. Patreon ($1+): 13th.
      Free for everyone: 20th.

  6. Question, will more storyline for Erin be added after the extra monster hunts? And what about giving Eric a sex-change potion (hey, not even new art needed for that - they are twins) for some nice twin action? (now, THAT would DEFINITELY need art) ;-)

  7. I am planning more of Erin and Eric's story but hadn't had time to continue them in this update. Eric's alternate forms are ready though for when I do have time to get to them. Catching up on all the play scenes for all potential slaves is pretty time consuming. xD

    1. I know - I do realize the potential for scenes is HUGE. You're doing a very good job of making a good game.
      I once mentioned to you that I am not at liberty to be your patron :( which means that the only help I can provide for you is bug chasing, feedback and encouragement. Have a bit of the latter. ^^;

    2. Yeah, I actually have a lot of scenes I have rough outlines and resources for that I just haven't had the time to write yet. xD

      Also, no worries. I don't expect everyone who plays to pay. If did I'd be selling the game instead of making it free. xD

  8. I love how there's 20+ comments and the game's not even released for the public yet...

    1. Yeah, give it a few more hours. xD we're almost to release time.

  9. 3 things:
    1: I'm not sure if it's because I use an old savefile, but is it intentional that the save crystal is now on the right side instead of at the top?
    2: When playing with Needy Sarah, there's 2 empty boxes of dialogue right at the end.
    3: There's a typo when playing with Tough Sarah. The Protagonist says "We'll keep trainIIng later," instead of "we'll keep trainIng later." (Typo is double I).

    1. Saving using Slot 1 causes you to automatically move to the Town. Not a big issue, but it did throw me off the first time it happened. (Not sure if it's intentional. If so, ignore it!)

  10. Apparently, talking to your slaves = magic.
    Did Bimbo World NG+.
    Chose to team up with Molly. Enslaved Val in the hallway. Put her in slot 3. Headed to my room to change her to Bimbo personality. The icons were now in the upper left corner. I thought nothing of it.
    Headed to town, spoke to Bimbo Val, enslaved Sarah (Grapple) and headed back to my room (as I wanted to change her personality).
    The icons are now on the right side (like they were in previous version) again.
    Me: ...Wait what?

    I'm gonna do a fresh NG and see if that happens again later. I have to do some things first (such as shopping).

  11. Okay, Val and Molly are bugged... Heavily.
    What makes me think that?

    Used a late 0.36 save in which I had only enslaved Val to prepare to try out the Bimbo World Bad End.
    Saw that her 8th Destructive spell is Hidden. "Neat."
    Grinded up to Tornado (which now gives 150 Proficiency instead of 70, so that's nice).
    Suddenly, her 8th spell isn't Hidden. "Weird, all I did was grind with Tornado but w/e."
    Reached ~5800 Proficiency. Still no 7th or 8th spell. "Huh..."
    Completed Bimbo World Ending.
    Enslaved Val in the hallway (as I tagged with Molly on NG+).
    Check her spells. Still says it's unlocked on the 8th spell. "Okay then!"
    Grind 8k-ish Proficiency. Still no 7th spell.

    "God damn it."

    Fresh save.
    Enslaved Val first chance I got.
    Spammed Tornado to grind. I'm at 10k Destructive Proficiency with Val. And she still doesn't have her 7th spell.
    "Fuck it. Let's check her Physical spell."
    Trained on 7th floor with her Physical spells.
    Reached 200ish Proficiency.
    Her 3rd spell slot is gone.
    Me: What the hell?

    Decided to bring Molly with me instead of Val.
    The Rest icon on Group Heal bug is back... Great!
    Suddenly, I hover over Group Heal.
    Me: "Recover"? That's a new one...
    Says it'll use some of her Stamina to restore another character's Stamina. "Neat."
    I use it and I recover a small amount of HP and Stamina.
    Molly's turn comes around again. Check Group Heal again and... It's now Group Heal again.
    I move my mouse slightly below Group Heal. A literal hidden spell is there - it's the Recover spell, but the icon isn't present.
    Sometimes, I'm allowed to use the Recover spell, but other times, I can't. If I can use Recover, Group Heal isn't possible to choose but if I CAN choose Group Heal, then I can't use Recover.

    So yeah.

    1. Ok, I'm sure some of what you are experiencing are legit bugs but a couple things you mentioned have not had the code changed at all from the last version. I double checked the icon for Group Heal for instance and it is still fixed. I think your computer or browser may have mixed some things up; possibly loading some of the game data from older versions of the game from the Cache? I am going to try to work on figuring out which of the bugs you listed are things that are actually broken, in the meantime you might want to try using F5 to force load the newest version and start from a new game to see if that helps.

    2. The Val one was my fault: she had ~5k Proficiency while Sarah had 10k (I didn't check who I was paying attention to).

      Regarding the Cache: It's possible - my browser sometimes says that the Cache is cleared (but isn't - I once had to clear it 4 times in a row for it to work...)

      Gonna do a fresh save again and see if it works (I'm gonna make sure to save on all 3 slots with a new savefile so there's no way there can be an old version around).

      If it's my computer: Wouldn't surprise me. I'm not an Acer fan...

    3. I've got fixes for the typo, late ending scene, and the leaving the room when saving bug fixed. No idea if the icons sometimes being on stop or sometimes being on the right is a bug or not; trying to test for it but haven't had it mix up yet.

    4. Thanks for that. Also, I found out a typo I didn't list earlier (sorry!)

      It's fairly minor, at least:
      When doing the Bimbo World Bad End, when it says Val is about to say something, it says [ instead of ] at the end (so... We're not finishing the first part but starting another?)

    5. >Ok, I'm sure some of what you are experiencing are legit bugs but a couple things you mentioned have not had the code changed at all from the last version.
      I've been having the same issues with Group Heal and Recover since several versions ago.

      I can also confirm that the icons do jump right and left - literally :)

      Also, minor bug, if in the first Val conversation where you can flirt and then confuse her, if you do both spells one right after another without hitting space to read a line, you get the whole flirt conversation instead of going to thhe confusion one.

  12. Not sure if mentioned elsewhere (ignore this if so):
    Val's 3rd physical spell (Grass Knuckles I think?) has jumbled text.

  13. I'm also not getting the 3rd physical slot for Val. Not an empty slot: just plain no slot. Using a grinded savegame, Val is level 34, physical 3440

    1. also noticed negative stamina no longer locks the character into an infinite wait of ever-increasing negative numbers of "time for next action", but now just forces a rest. Nice. Very nice.

    2. I got it on a fresh save - you need 150 physical proficiency for it.

    3. damn lack of edit button, damn finding new likely bug right after posting...
      willingly entered negative stamina in level 15 with Rosal, Val and Sarah against allure fish. Val started being able to act normally even if at negative stamina, casting spells at regular intervals (with the counter behaving without rest times). Her stamina started into negative triple digits, and Overgrowth started dealing massive NEGATIVE damage.

    4. Earlier I had fixed the problem with having accidentally mis-aligned Val's third physical spell to appear in the second slot. You may need to refresh the game to get the correct position.

      By a total coincidence, I was just editing all the spells to prevent that exact situation. So, that should be fixed in a moment when I have it uploaded.

  14. Not a bug but a sugestion. We've got a lot of repeateable "play" scenes this update. That reminds me, we got many superb scenes that we only get to see once in the game and which would be nice to be able to see repeatedly.

    It would be a nice adition. And most do make sense. Sarah's waiting-for-you-in-bed scene, for example, should be repeateable if you are dating her, after all. Or, there's no reason you couldn't cast Grapple at Julia or Sarah again at the school, or at Erin at home. Hey, you could even be able to re-cast Grapple at Cassandra through the magic menu in the dungeon if you are alone or with a slave (much like you give the book to Sarah the same way).
    Now, ordering Bimbo Val to repeatedly make out with enslaved Rack...

    1. I vaguely remember him mentioning at some point that he wants/plans on making the chest in Dan/Rosa's room work as an art gallery where you can see whatever art you've already unlocked (though I'm unsure on the scenes part).

    2. Yeah, that also could work. But you'll have to agree, the other way is more amusing ;-)

  15. So, Grass Knuckles is being weird.
    First, it had jumbled text (mentioned earlier).

    Now, when I try to use it, the icon lands on "Rest" though the spell works as normal.
    I tried this on 3 different webbrowsers and for all of them, it lands on "Rest" but the spell will go through as normal if used.