Thursday, December 10, 2015

Making progress on v0.18

This month has been fairly slow for me, as I have been dealing with Christmas overdose. My girlfriend had a fairly traumatic experience during this time a few years ago, so she seems to deal with it by focusing all of her energy on Christmas. I have managed to get some work done though, and I figure I would go ahead and list the features I have finished over on the Live Updates version real quick for you guys.

- 1 new scene for Sarah
- 1 new spell for Dan/Rosa
- 1 new spell for Julia
- 1 new spell for Val
- 1 new spell for Cassandra
- Charm can now be cast on Sarah during scene where she asks for healing.
- 1 new scene involving charmed Sarah added.
- Defense formula modified, and monster stats altered to be more balanced.
- Status ailments modified to be easier to recover from over time. (Re-Applying the status ailment resets the decay)
- EXP from monsters reduced slightly.
- 1 new Charmed Val scene
- 1 new Ms. Rack Scene on heroic path
- Unlearned spells now appear as blank icons

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