Sunday, December 13, 2015

Version 0.18 coming 12/20/15

Adventure High v0.18 is now available for Patrons and will be released publicly on the 20th. Here's a list of the new content in this version of the game:

- Julia's Intel changed. You can now choose who to get intel on freely..
- New intel for Val
- New Intel for Sarah
- Intel on Cassandra now requires the third note to be turned in.
- 1 monster's art updated
- 1 new combat background
- Combat UI re-arranged
- Fixed bug that caused game over not to occur with only two party members.
- 1 new scene for Cowed Cassandra. (If you change Cassandra into a cow, and refuse to change her back)
- 1 new scene for Sarah
- 1 new spell for Dan/Rosa
- 1 new spell for Julia (Physical spell, so it can't be learned yet)
- 1 new spell for Val
- 1 new spell for Cassandra
- Charm can now be cast on Sarah during scene where she asks for healing.
- 1 new scene involving charmed Sarah added.
- Defense formula modified, and monster stats altered to be more balanced.
- Status ailments modified to be easier to recover from over time. (Re-Applying the status ailment resets the decay)
- EXP from monsters reduced slightly.
- 1 new Charmed Val scene
- 1 new drawing added to Ms. Rack's enslavement scene
- 1 new Ms. Rack Scene on heroic path
- Unknown spells now appear as blank icons


  1. Seems like it might be a bit harder to trigger the scene of Ms. Rack getting suspicious now? I might be mistaken, but it seems like if you don't change Val from her default slave state, you don't wind up triggering the scene where Ms. Rack confronts you about Val's behavior, and if you wait until after having Julia enslaved to change Val, then the option to trigger that scene doesn't show up... I haven't tested it extensively, though. I just went back and did a playthrough where I immediately bimbofied Val, and the scene with Ms. Rack triggered normally. (Also, I have to say, amazing work on the new make-out fight scene.)

    1. There isn't any check in the code for what personality Val is in, just a check for if she is enslaved, what her level is, and if you had started the heroic plotline or not.

      I will try to see if I can reproduce the bug. In the meantime though, is it possible that you had forgotten to level Val up before trying to trigger the scene the first time?

    2. Oh, does Val need to be a certain level? That could have been it - I don't remember what level I was in either playthrough, though in the first I was definitely trying to speedrun to the new scene, so it's quite possible I was underleveled compared to the second playthrough.

    3. Yeah, Val needs to be at least lvl 4.

  2. Are you going to upload a walkthrough for the new scenes?