Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Return of the Live Updates 12/30/15

Christmas may have put a delay on my work, but I have managed so far to remain on schedule. I finished the last drawing for the month a couple days ago and now have time to start working on the next update. I will have it finished within the month, for sure.

For the first update in the live updates, I went with a rather complex and frequently requested feature. Keyboard controls for combat! From my testing, everything *seems* to be working. I will have the combat tutorial include the keyboard command instructions soon, but for now you can move the cursor with the mouse, or with the arrow keys. Clicking the mouse, or pressing the conversation advance keys will select the spell. At that point, you can select your target by clicking on it/them, or by pressing left and right on the keyboard until the monster/character is highlighted and then clicking or pressing the conversation advance key again.

If you would like to get in on live updates, it is available for patrons at the $3.00 rank or above. You can check out the campaign and all the bonuses you can get here:

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