Saturday, February 13, 2016

Adventure High 0.20 Patron version released

I've been working pretty hard on making this release extra-large due to the significant round number we are hitting. The list form doesn't exactly do it justice though, as while the number of new scenes is about average, there are more extra-long scenes in this update and more new artwork than usual as well.

Here's a full list of what's new in this version of the game.

- There is now a chance that students will appear in Dr. Tiff's classroom to complain about "vampire" attacks on the first floor.
- 3 new scenes involving a mysterious Berserker added
- 1 new character can now be recruited.
- 1 new chat scene with Julia
- 1 new floor added to the dungeon
- 1 new monster added to the dungeon
- 1 new note added to the dungeon
- Jane's first secret class added
- 1 new spell for Dan/Rosa added
- Jane's private lesson for Charm spell added for Heroic, Tempted, and Enslavement Paths added.
- Avatar and Icons for Main Character updated
- 2 new scenes for Sarah; including a major splash image of a nude, Dollified Sarah.
- Doll Sarah now stands in the corner of the bedroom if she is currently inanimate.
- 2 new avatar images for Sarah
- New version of Sarah's Library image if she is in her Doll Form

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