Friday, February 19, 2016

Adventure High 0.20 now released!

It's a few hours til midnight, so I just finished uploading the public release for Adventure High 0.20. You can click on Play Now on the right side bar to... well... play it now.


  1. Ms Rack using magic to hide her real breast size?

    Will she be getting extra personality types like the other characters? Seems to me like that is asking for an "oblivious" personality option where she does not realise anything is strange or unusual no matter what happens to her. So she would be walking around bulging out of her now tight outfit because she thinks its normal to not bother suppressing her chest size.

    When I say "oblivious" I mean something like part 3 of this image

    Shameless begging aside, this game is great so far. This kind of mind control with personality altering does not get enough love.

    I wish you luck with completing your game.

    1. Thanks, and yeah She will get some personality change options later on in the faculty control plot-line. At present, you can't change her personality due to needing to keep your control over her a secret. That problem will take care of it's self though as you make more of the staff into your slaves.

      I remember seeing that image before; I might have an oblivious form for someone at some point. Not sure who though.

  2. Maybe this is a stupic question, but, how do you switch party members? Or are you always saddled with Val and Sarah?